Lena Dunham Tweet: “My Sister Says I Made Her Gay”

“My sister @simongdunham is coming on #NotThatKindOfTour to manage our partnership with @PPact AND constantly remind me that I made her gay


“I leaned down between her legs and carefully spread open her vagina, she didn’t resist…”  Admitted child molester Lena Dunham

“I leaned down between her legs and carefully spread open her vagina, she didn’t resist…”  ~Lena Dunham, describing part of what she did to her little sister for ten years

So why would Grace say Lena made her gay, back in July, long before I began writing about Lena Dunham? (meaning, Grace Dunham could not have been joking about seeing something I wrote in a public forum)

Was Grace being facetious? There is often truth to every joke. There are also things called “Freudian slips.”

There are very few people who truly grasp my opinion, (and my reader, Grace’s experience). Far too many people think all homosexuals were “born that way.” Even straight people have criticized me for saying that child sexual abuse -especially same sex child sexual abuse- can create sexual confusion in the victim –to the point of the victim growing into adulthood, thinking they are gay.

“Without getting into specifics, most of our fights have revolved around my feeling like Lena took her approach to her own personal life and made my personal life her property.”

~Grace Dunham

I find it to be far too much of a ‘coincidence’ that Grace Dunham has said that Lena ‘made her gay.’

In my experience there are no coincidences.


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HBO / Time Warner, Inc. Condones Or Otherwise Accepts the Sexual Abuse of Children

What Lena Dunham has said, done, and represents, is highly disturbing to myself and hundreds of thousands of other survivors of child sexual abuse. With the much appreciated help of my reader, Grace, who has been as affected and disturbed as I have been about this situation, we have complied a list of addresses and phone numbers where people can send a letter, or email, to take action in this very serious matter.

I know from personal experience that it can be very scary to make a call, or write a letter about something like this. I used to be too afraid to voice myself via telephone, and writing letters against injustice used to send me into a very frightening place in my mind. Death threats and psychological manipulation in childhood can easily do that to a person.

But please know, that it is empowering to take action, to stand up for yourself, and for another child.

With the help of Grace, I have posted this form letter which she wrote, beautifully, and she has given me permission to copy and paste it as your own letter, or you can tweak it a bit and make it more personal. Please do this ASAP, and send it off right away because time is of the essence in this matter. (Canadian residents, HBO Canada address is provided at the bottom of this page)

[Your name and address]

To: Richard Plepler, Chairman and CEO Time Warner Inc.

One Time Warner Center

New York, NY 10019


Dear Mr. Plepler:

I am writing to express my concern with one of your programs: “Girls,” created by and starring Lena Dunham. In her book, Not That Kind of Girl Dunham admits to coercing her underage sister and manipulating her emotions by offering candy to kiss her for extended periods of time. She also wrote about masturbating next to her sleeping (minor) sister until she (Lena) was 17 years old, describing her sister’s underage body as ‘sticky and muscular,’ which undoubtedly creates an undertone of sexual attraction as her motivation for such activities. Lena Dunham describes her own actions as those of a “sexual predator.”

It is disturbing that Home Box Office, Inc. / Time Warner, Inc., a multi-national network, would condone the actions of someone who self-identifies as a sexual predator of children (indeed, her sister was a child -seven years her junior- while the events described in the memoir took place, and lasted until Lena was nearly a legal adult).

Lena Dunham, a woman who has openly and arrogantly admitted to initiating and perpetrating Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse, is paid millions of dollars by Home Box Office, Inc. / Time Warner, Inc. to produce and star in “Girls.” Child-on-Child sexual abuse is a form of child sexual abuse in which a prepubescent child is sexually abused by one or more other children or adolescent youths, and in which no adult is directly involved. The term has been defined as sexual activity between children that occurs “without consent, without equality, or as a result of coercion.” 1.

Lena Dunham has undoubtedly described this in detail in her book and should not only apologize for the flagrant manner in which she writes about the vile actions committed against her child sister, but her contract should be terminated and “Girls” cancelled indefinitely.

Your corporation should not place someone who calls him or herself a “sexual predator” in a position of influence. Someone who exploits children in this way should not be deemed a worthy employee of Home Box Office, Inc. / Time Warner, Inc. Lena Dunham is exploiting children with her book. Lena exploits the child inside her sister, who is damaged in ways not fully comprehended, and she exploits all children everywhere who have been, or are being, abused by someone who dares to hold Lena Dunham as a role model (“If Lena Dunham does it, it can’t be that bad”). As long as she is permitted to enter the homes of millions of viewers via your network, the children of this world are not safe. She gains publicity through her program airing on your network, which draws more people to her book and to her dangerous message. Her words send the message that child predation and sexual abuse are acceptable, and even laughable. This is the attitude she exudes in her book, in public interviews, and on social media: arrogant disregard for the outrage felt by readers and survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Home Box Office, Inc. / Time Warner, Inc. have a responsibility to cease funding and supporting such an individual.

Any continued association between Lena Dunham and Home Box Office, Inc. / Time Warner, Inc. reflects an attitude which condones or otherwise considers sexual abuse of minors as acceptable. Thousands of citizens globally have lost confidence in your programming, and I have personally heard multiple accounts of others who will no longer support “Girls” and/or HBO due to the affiliation with Lena Dunham. There is a petition circulating globally via the Internet, addressed to HBO, with the signatures of over 1100 outraged citizens who believe your network should cancel “Girls” indefinitely and immediately terminate Dunham’s contract. HBO is not obligated to let anyone say what he or she wants without consequences.

Dunham should not be above the law in any way, shape or form, and certainly should not be placed in a position of fame or power in the media. As long as you showcase anything associated with Lena Dunham, or any other self-proclaimed child molester, I will cancel my subscription to HBO. I have shared this letter through multiple avenues. I hope you are interested in regaining the confidence of your viewers and I expect action from Home Box Office, Inc. / Time Warner, Inc.

1. Shaw, J (2000). “Child on child sexual abuse: Psychological perspectives”.
Child Abuse & Neglect 24 (12): 1591–1600.

Sincerely, [your name]

– Please send a copy to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS:

Jeff Bewkes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Time Warner Inc. Time Warner Inc.

One Time Warner Center New York, NY 10019 –

You can email your letter to HBO by going to this link: http://www.hbo.com/#/about/contact-us.html/  (But a letter is more effective) Make sure to choose the option “HBO Shows” and then there is a choice for “Girls” (Lena Dunham’s show) –The online form won’t let you send your message without choosing an option.

It would be great for everyone to make a copy of the letter and also send it to the address provided below:

Keith Cocozza Senior Vice President Corporate Communications

Time Warner Inc.

One Time Warner Center New York,

NY 10019-8016

Then please Carbon Copy the letter with this address, to:

CC: Casey Bloys Executive Vice President, HBO Programming

CC: Michael Ellenberg Executive Vice President, HBO Programming

CC: Susan Ennis Executive Vice President, Program Planning and Strategy

CC: Michael Lombardo President, HBO Programming

CC: Robert Roth Executive Vice President and CFO

I posted the letter to an online “complaints” board: http://www.complaintsboard.com/new_complaint/

HBO Customer Service: 1-212-512-1208 HBO Corporate: 1-212-512-1000

You can write the editor who allowed Lena Dunham’s book, “Not That Kind of Girl,” to be published:

Andy Ward
Random House
1245 Broadway
New York N.Y. 10019



For my Canadian Readers: HBO Canada Brookfield Place 181 Bay Street P.O. Box 787, Suite 100 Toronto, Ontario M5J 2T3 Canadian Broadcast Standards Council at complaints@cbsc.ca Fax a letter to the Secretary General at the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission Mailing address for the Secretary General, Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0N2 (Fax number: 819-994-0218) HBO Canada’s “Contact Us” page: http://www.hbocanada.com/customercare/contactus.php

Please take action. It is helpful for your inner child, and for the innocence of other children. ______________________________________________________________

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Child Molester Makes False Accusations of Rape: Take Action

This is a photo of Lena Dunham, who was paid 3.7 million dollars for writing a book in which she bragged about molesting this little girl in this photo. Look at the little girl’s legs underneath the powerful dominating young-adult woman. Sickening.

She also lied in that book about about being raped, when it was consensual sex. False accusations of rape can ruin a man’s life.

I was really happy to see my sister and treated her like the campus bicycle

A photo posted by Lena Dunham (@lenadunham) on


Do something. Take Action:

Call Random House, Inc., the publisher of Lena Dunham’s book, “Not That Kind of Girl.” Tell them you are outraged that they have published a book by a woman who has falsely accused a man of rape (it was consensual sex), and who bragged in the book about molesting her little sister.

I just called, and I was treated very well, and my voice was heard. The woman who answered the phone said she was very sorry and would pass my request to the upper management. If every person, who has a telephone, and principles, calls Random House, they will be forced to take action.

Random House, Inc. (Headquarters)





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According to her OWN account in her book, Lena Dunham was NOT raped. It was consensual rough sex. According to HER OWN account in her book, LENA is a child sexual abuser. Every TRUE rape victim, and every person ever sexually abused as a child, needs to rise up against this woman, and demand that HBO cancel “Girls” and that Random House pull her book from the shelves.

MEN should also demand she be held accountable, as false rape claims can ruin a man’s life forever.

“On the fateful night, Dunham writes, she had been drinking and doing cocaine, and took Barry back to her apartment, even though he had already made an aggressive and intrusive sexual move on her.

She discovered twice during intercourse that Barry had slipped off his condom without telling her, and then, says Dunham, she threw him out. She says Barry hurt her to the point that she had to visit a doctor. Her conclusion:

“I also know that at no moment did I consent to being handled that way. I never gave him permission to be rough, to stick himself inside me without a barrier between us. I never gave him permission.”




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Publisher Altering Lena Dunham’s Book After Rape Story Questioned

Random House, forced by the attorney for the man Dunham accuses of rape, is changing the book. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/publisher-alter-lena-dunham-book-755193

Next, they need to remove the material in that book, which the child sexual abuser, Lena, describes in detail the molestation of her little sister.

I just posted this paragraph on the Facebook pages for “Girls” and for her book. Feel free to post something on those Facebook Pages, as you can do so and get your voice heard. Links at the bottom of this page.

“Lena Dunham, If you had any principles or human dignity, you would ask Random House to pull your book from the shelves –out of respect for every survivor of child sexual abuse, whom you have done an iniquity to, by writing about the sexual abuse you perpetrated on your little sister –by writing about it so brazenly …and as if you are still fantasizing about her vagina. Random House should retain its dignity and principles by REMOVING that book from the shelves, and by apologizing to all victims of child sexual abuse. All victims of child sexual abuse, should start a Class-Action lawsuit against Random House. For promoting child sexual abuse, for normalizing it, and for virtually encouraging it by publishing your book. Same-sex child sexual abuse, perpetrated by an older sibling, can have SERIOUS after-effects on the victim. You have no idea what kind of pain you have caused countless victims of child molestation with your self-aggrandizement and description of sexual deviancy on your sister. You need help, and you need to apologize publicly.”







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Women Being Excused of Child Sexual Abuse

One of my readers has made me realize there may be many female survivors of child sexual abuse who won’t take action about Lena Dunham merely because she is a woman.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of women getting away with sex crimes because of their female anatomy.

I was told by the woman who read my Blog that Lena Dunham was most likely a victim too, and she “needs help.”

Lena does not want help, she does not think she needs help, and she is supported by everyone who defends her and who allows her to continue in what she does because they give her a pat on the behind, or more money for her show on HBO, or they promote her book with a favorable review. And she is even defended by people who work with child abuse victims like the woman who instigated today’s article.

Nearly EVERY man who has ever raped or sexually abused a child was once a victim himself and needs help.

It is hypocritical and disingenuous to excuse Lena because she is a woman, but condemn men and older teenage boys who sexually abuse children.

All male perpetrators need help, and most were “a victim too.”

In spite of the fact that male and female perpetrators need help, people need to choose to defend the innocence of children………not the perpetrator.

Children who were sexually abused by a woman or teenage girl, want to be HEARD. Adult survivors of sexual abuse perpetrated by a female want to be heard. They don’t want, or need, anyone defending their victimizer because she happens to have different body parts than a man.

In addition, once a victim turns around and sexually violates another child, they are no longer a victim; they have crossed over to perpetrator.

Please read my article on why sexual abuse by a woman is often more devastating on the victim than when a man does it.



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Good News (Sort Of) About Lena Dunham

Although I am happy that Dunham might be held accountable for something, and Random House sued, or her books pulled…I am only sorry that it was not because of an uprising of millions of people –including the mainstream press- who demanded that Lena be held accountable for the sexual abuse she perpetrated on her little sister, and for how she wrote about it so brazenly…

Lena Dunham flashing the Satanic hand signal

Lena Dunham flashing the Satanic hand signal

“The man identified as “Barry One” in a Breitbart News investigation debunking Lena Dunham’s story of being raped in college by a “mustachioed campus Republican” named Barry, has made his first official statement since the release of that report.

Through his attorney, identified as Aaron Minc, Barry One has set up a legal fund to cover current legal expenses, clear his name, and to potentially file suit against Ms. Dunham.

The proceeds from the legal fund will be used only to cover Barry One’s legal expenses. If there are any leftover monies, those will be donated to non-profit organizations that aid sexual assault victims.  

For more than two months, and to no avail, Barry One has asked Dunham (through her representatives) to clear his name. Obviously, she has refused.

“All proceeds will be spent by Barry on legal costs and related fees associated with defending Barry’s reputation,” the statement reads, “including, but not limited to, potentially pursuing Lena Dunham and Penguin Random House for harm caused to Barry’s reputation from the publication and sale of Ms. Dunham’s memoir.”

The statement adds that due to numerous details in Dunham’s memoir that falsely point to him as her rapist, “Barry has already spent a substantial portion of his savings on legal fees because of the actions (and inactions) of Ms. Dunham and Penguin Random House.”

The statement makes it apparent that Barry One has already racked up at least two months worth of legal fees. Through his attorney, Barry One has been in contact with Dunham’s representatives since October 6. “Despite multiple requests,” the statement says, “Lena Dunham has not issued any sort of statement clearing Barry’s name and clarifying the confusion that is happening.”

The statement concludes by assuring contributors that “any proceeds not used on legal related costs will be donated to not-for-profit organizations that assist victims of rape and sexual assault, to be selected at a later date.”

Questions and inquiries should go through Mr. Minc, who is with the law firm of Dinn Hochmann & Potter, LLC.

Two well-respected legal writers, the Washington Post’s Eugene Volokh and Power Line’s John Hinderaker agree that Barry One has a solid libel case against Dunham.”




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