Open Letter to Senator Boxer Regarding the Violence Against Children Act

Dear Senator Boxer,

Regarding the Violence Against Children Act – S. 1370‏:

Although a commendable Bill, you might want to rethink your comment, “A crime against a child is a crime against all of us.” As a previous victim of incest, I can give testimony to the fact that this statement might offend more than just one abuse survivor. You were not there when I was being raped by my father and when my mother willfully facilitated the incest. You and your staff, and those who wrote this Bill, did not go through terror when my father threatened me with a knife if I exposed what he was doing to me, and none of you suffered through the torment of multiple physical problems and the emotional hell that I experienced as an adult healing from the incest. My father’s crimes were perpetrated against me, you were not victimized by him and you did not suffer like I did. Your blanket statement sounds more like a catch phrase than anything truly thought through.

Yes, we must stop these heinous crimes once and for all, and this Bill is a good start, but why not implement Legislature that causes the perpetrators to serve more time in prison instead of the one or two years that child sexual abusers currently receive? Or a Bill that gives more than probation to a father just because he happened to rape his daughter and not a stranger? A better Bill would also include stricter prosecution laws for the women who protect the abuser instead of the child being victimized. Studies show that at least forty-four percent of mothers protect the abuser, not the child. Too often, prosecutors do not utilize the laws that are designed to hold a person criminally responsible for knowingly protecting a child abuser.

I am willing to testify before congress in order to help any state pass a law that will allow or strengthen the prosecution of women who shield child abusers.


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