The Curious Case of Josef Fritzl

Josef Fritzl reportedly admitted to years of rape and the imprisonment of his daughter in a dungeon in his home. Police say that his wife was “too scared” to question him about the imprisonment of his daughter. The wife said that she decided to instead, focus on “keeping the family healthy.”

The Austrian man who held his daughter captive for 24 years and fathered seven of the daughter’s children obviously had a wife who lived in her own world. Outside family members said the wife “didn’t know” that Fritzl had kept his daughter imprisoned in the cellar for decades! She didn’t WANT to know! Her excuse was that he was a tyrant and would not put up with any dissent in the family. She knew. She knew damn well what was going on. For her own survival, she selfishly ignored what was going on in her own home.

In a previous attempt “to keep their family together,” Fritzl’s wife stayed married to him even after he had served 18 months in prison for an unrelated 1967 rape. This woman decided that staying with a rapist, allowing her children around him, and then ignoring signs that her husband was imprisoning and raping his own daughter was a healthy way to go.  Bullshit. It was for her own protection.

Fear and self-survival is NEVER an excuse for allowing a rapist and torturer to continue his crimes against children. These kind of so-called “mothers” should also serve time in prison. If prosecutors sent the signal to women that they will also go to prison if they protect abusers, then child sexual abuse will be less prevalent.

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