Brad Pitt on Homosexuality

Last night I saw Brad Pitt on the Bill Maher program. Normally, I cannot take Maher’s degenerate form of humor but someone recommended that I watch because of what Brad Pitt had to say.  I do occasionally like the guests that Maher has on the show, so with an open mind, I watched.

Brad Pitt evoked plenty of cheers from the audience when he proclaimed that ‘Christians ought to be allowed to practice their religion but should not be allowed to impose their beliefs about homosexuality onto others.’  Hmmmm. So there is nothing wrong with stating publicly that religion is wrong and that God does not exist, but if someone happens to believe that homosexuality is not natural then they ought to be silenced? Condemning people for the belief that homosexuals should not be allowed to marry is judging another human being for having a particular opinion. With Brad Pitt’s mind-frame, the condemnation of child sexual abusers is also judgement and should not be allowed.

I do not care what other people do in their bedrooms but I don’t want it imposed on the minds of children and teens. There is a natural and intrinsic reason for a balance between male and female energies. LIFE itself gives and DEPENDS UPON intrinsic roles.

There are a number of people who don’t mind -and even encourage- books like, Heather Has Two Mommies, being brought to their child’s grade school. This is pushing unnatural adult problems onto the mind of a child, it is an imposition on their innocence. Media and films, people marching for gay marriage, and some public schools are warping the minds of children with the idea that adult deviations like being a homosexual, or “bi,” is perfectly natural.  It gives the signal that the child or teenager ‘ought to try it some day.’ People like Brad Pitt are making ‘anything goes’ into being normal.

People should be who they are naturally but child sexual abuse is unnatural and there is a higher percentage of people who are gay and lesbian among those who have been sexually abused as children than among people who have not been sexually abused. Sometimes the perpetrator was a person of the same sex and other times the abuse was perpetrated by an adult of the opposite sex.

When a child is sexually assaulted by a person of the same sex, the child often develops confused feelings about their sexuality and can be sexually stimulated by people of the same sex, when -had they not been abused- they would have chosen the be with the opposite sex.  When the perpetrator was the opposite sex, the victim can grow with a deep hatred for people of that sex, subsequently gravitating towards attraction to people of the same sex.  Homosexuality is not natural when external influences have caused people to behave contrary to the harmony of life, and it should not be accepted as ‘who they are.’ People need to be careful with this way of thinking because this can lead to society allowing sex with children or animals.

Books and beliefs that impose homosexuality on the minds of children is twisting their purity and confusing them.  Adults have a right to do whatever they want in the privacy of their own homes, but they do NOT have the right to push adult concepts onto children –concepts which deviate from the natural laws of life and human design.

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2 Responses to Brad Pitt on Homosexuality

  1. Kay says:

    In my personal opinion… marriage is a religious institution. Period. It has woven its way into society, and the legalities of it are what’s now being questioned.
    We cannot expect the church (of course, it depends on the specific church/religion/denomination/etc) to change their views and beliefs.
    My question has always been – what is the problem with civil unions? Since marriage is religious, can we not (for once for a GOOD reason) invoke the separation of church and state?
    If we have to do anything (which I don’t necessarily agree with, but based on public opinion and desires), I think civil unions are the only feasible/reasonable answer. This leaves the church out of it, not asking any religions to compromise their beliefs, yet also gives “rights” (gov’t recognized rights) to same sex couples.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      In contradiction to the laws of life and naturalism, many Protestant ministers and some liberal Rabbis have united gay couples in religious ceremonies. So no one is asking them to compromise their beliefs, they already have.

      Marriage is for the protection of children, and in my opinion, gays should not be raising children. There is an intrinsic reason for male/female energies.

      But I do feel that long-term gay couples could use legal protection of some kind for insurance, medical waivers, and inheritance etc. Same-sex partner rights of some kind, just not intertwine it with spiritual ceremonies that are soley for higher purposes.

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