Mother, Friend Found Guilty in 6-year-old Girl’s Rape

“A Wichita woman and her friend face life in prison after being convicted of prostituting her young daughter so he could rape and sodomize her.”

All I can say is thank God. Finally, two degenerate human beings will spend a significant amount of time in prison for the torture, humiliation, and rape of a child’s innocence.

The girl’s 48-year-old mother and her “friend” Reggie Stafford, 51, have been found guilty for crimes against a child’s very soul and existence. The child was only 5 years-old when she was raped and sodomized.  The prosecutor stated it correctly when he said that the mother, “served her up to this man.” Both of these monsters face 25 years to life in prison. The sentencing is set for Oct. 1st.

I am blown away but ecstatic that the child was able to take the stand and point her finger at her tormentors.  She must have been terrified, full of shame, and confused beyond words about how her own mother had sacrificed her and allowed her to be brutalized. I imagine that the child also carried much guilt about putting her mother in prison by telling her story.

It is such a horrible conflict in the child’s mind. On one hand she is causing the imprisonment of her own mother, whom she will always love. On the other hand, she felt the release of revealing the most vicious secret and expressing her pain to those who can serve justice.

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2 Responses to Mother, Friend Found Guilty in 6-year-old Girl’s Rape

  1. Kay says:

    Hopefully, with the correct therapist, the child can come to terms with the fact that she did nothing but tell the truth and defend herself… and possibly save some other child from the same horrible treatment in the future.
    I’m sure she is (or will be) suffering from guilt for “sending her mother to jail”, but in reality that woman is not a MOTHER, she is a MONSTER. And she’s going to jail for what she did, not because her daughter testified.
    Mostly, though? I just want to hug that little girl and tell her how strong she is, how amazing she is… and that she deserves so much better.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      I agree Kay. What I meant by “putting her mother in prison” is that her testimony was needed for the conviction. Even if it wasn’t, the child still would have felt that she was putting her mother away by revealing what she had done.

      The mother is indeed a monster but still the child’s mother in the child’s psyche. The child will always love her mother, in spite of what she did to her.

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