Evil Exists Because of the So-Called “Good” People Who Do Nothing

Two things anger me about this video. First of all, the father of the perpetrator says his son had problems since high school because of “drugs and a blow to the head.” But did Phillip Garrido’s father contribute to the degeneracy of his son? High School drug use and being hit on the head don’t contribute to a person kidnapping, raping, and imprisoning children.

But what really angers me is that the neighbors “heard women screaming” from time to time and did nothing.  No doubt Phillip Garrido brought his buddies over for raping Jaycee Lee Dugard , and probably her children, and these neighbors chose to do and say nothing. One call to police could have resulted in the rescue of Jaycee Lee and her children years sooner.

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One Response to Evil Exists Because of the So-Called “Good” People Who Do Nothing

  1. Melissa says:

    yes, neighbors should help. I am putting together Garido’s documented very violent behavior with the little information we have documenting the girls’ docility and getting sicker to my stomach all the time. i am going to have to stop thinking about it soon.

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