Daughter of Rape Victim Feels Guilt Over the Perpetrator’s Arrest

“After Garrido was arrested last week, Jaycee told the girls, Starlet, 15, and Angel, 11, that their father had kidnapped, imprisoned, and raped her at the age of 11. Probyn said the girls “…are upset about this because that’s their father and he’s in jail.”

The dynamics of child sexual abuse are so delicate and complex. This case shows how incest victims can love their perpetrator, become attached to them, and feel guilty for being involved in putting them in jail or in prison –even if their part in that is minimal or none. This child was not a product of incest but did live with her mother’s perpetrator for years and is a victim of this man yet she still feels a bond with him because he is her father. Children are so pure, they love their parents even if they abuse, torment, and imprison them.

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