Larry King’s Disbelief That a Woman Was Involved In Jaycee’s Hell

I find it pretty fascinating that articles, blogs, comments on articles, news reports, and the general public are virtually ignoring the fact that a woman was involved in the kidnapping, rapes, and torture of Jaycee Lee. I think that Nancy Garrido’s role in the case is the most interesting aspect of the dynamics in that house of horrors.

I watched Larry King Monday night and he spent the entire hour discussing the case with experts. It was only in the last one minute of the program that the guest psychologist on the show  mentioned that a woman was involved in Jaycee’s hell. Larry King practically raised his eyebrow when he said, ‘You really believe that the woman was involved in the abuse?’ Come on Larry, how long have you been on this planet and how many years have you been interviewing victims and survivors of abuse? You can’t truly be shocked or try to exhaunerate Nancy Garrido because she is a woman? I was pretty nauseated at his tone and comment.

Today I clicked on a link to an article about the case and the comment in the article was, “it’s easy to want to believe that Nancy Garrido was also held captive by her husband, and was forced to participate in his disturbed sexual behavior. How could a woman willingly participate in the rape of a child?”

It is a serious hindrance for victims and survivors of child sexual abuse when people say that it’s “easy to want to believe” that Nancy Garrido was also held captive by her husband and forced to participate in his disturbed sexual behavior and to pose the question, “How could a woman willingly participate?” Women can and do sexually abuse children, even their own sons and daughters. Women are very capable of evil and sometimes willingly torture, kidnap, and rape children. I grow tired of people trying to deny, excuse, and minimize women for degeneracy and I am certain that victims and survivors of  sexual abuse by a female are tired of it too.

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