“Here’s a Free Pass to Rape and Molest Your Own Children”

“Court records show the McPhersons manipulated the teens into submitting to fondling, kissing and other sex acts. They cited Bible verses that they said justified the abuse and, afterward, would pray together for God’s forgiveness……In Virginia Beach, the couple agreed to plead guilty in exchange for light prison sentences.”

Why don’t Govt. officials just put out a big sign on the lawn of the courthouse that reads, “Go ahead, sexually assault children because you won’t do any time for it.”

“The agreement for Melina McPherson called for her to serve 40 days in jail. Both must register as sex offenders and must have no unsupervised contact with minors, except for their two sons………..Commonwealth’s Attorney Harvey Bryant said there was no indication that either McPherson would abuse their natural sons.”

They might as well place a big red sign on the lawn of courthouse that says, “Go ahead, rape and molest your own children because we are all a bunch of ignorant assholes who think that because a man and a woman have sexually abused other people’s children, they certainly won’t abuse their own kids.”

“She was handcuffed in front of the 20 relatives and friends who came to support her and her husband and led from the courtroom.”

!!!!!!!!!!! Were there any friends and relatives there to support the victims???

I’m sorry but I don’t have much hope for this world anymore. Children are considered worthless creatures and child sexual abusers are uplifted and supported by the so-called “good” people.

VIRGINIA BEACH The Virginian-Pilot © September 3, 2009

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