Oprah, Dr. Pill, Larry? I say forget them all Jaycee.

This article discusses the fact that the major players are all scrambling to get Jaycee Lee to speak with them first.  Apparently, Oprah Winfrey has written a personal letter to Jaycee telling her how “harrowing and bizarre” her story is.

Yes, Jaycee Lee suffered terribly and her story is disturbing but being that Oprah is a survivor of child sexual abuse, including rape, I would hope that she would want to interview Jaycee Lee so that Jaycee can help other victims of rape and abuse to not feel so alone and to know that they too might have felt a bond with their perpetrator. I hope that Oprah is not merely wanting to get Jaycee’s story first for the ratings and the money that will come of it.

As a survivor of incest I have become very disillusioned with Oprah in the past few years. She has totally changed her forum to one that focuses on celebrities, entertainers, new age things like “The Secret,” and having Dr. Nincompoop on the show talking about fat and bowel movements. Oprah used to provide a forum for victims to help others but she has greatly minimized the amount of programs she does on child sexual abuse.

Anyhoo, back to Jaycee. I hope that she chooses to speak to someone that TRULY wants her best interest and the best interest of all victims of abuse and torture.  In my opinion, Dr. Pill (intentional misspell) emotionally abuses his guests further and screams at them, “What were you thinking?!!” He has no concept of the human conscious or subconscious mind.

Larry King practically drools over his young female guests and he often has a very naive idea about the the dynamics of child abuse and perpetrators. Sometimes I think Larry King lives in Lala Land.

Diane Sawyer of Good Morning America will probably raise her eyebrows at Jaycee, use her school marm tone, and say something like, “But you had so many opportunities to tell someone or to run away, why didn’t you?”

Although I am no fan of Barbara Walters, she might be Jaycee Lee’s only decent choice. Frankly, I hope Jaycee Lee chooses to not satisfy the curiosity of the voyeurs and instead hangs low and writes a book about her ordeal. That way, she gets all the money for it (Which she deserves) and the TV talk show hosts can all put their tongues back in their mouths and go back to interviewing celebrities and cheating spouses.

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