For God Sakes, Stop Being Shocked

It’s wrong to refer to Philip Garrido as a psycho. This photo was taken three years before the two people in it kidnapped then eleven year-old Jaycee Lee. Nancy and Philip look like a perfectly normal couple and dare I say that Philip was even pretty handsome in his younger years. Yet, by the time the photo was taken, Philip had already raped at least one woman in his sex torture chamber inside a storage unit. He had already served time in prison for kidnapping and repeatedly raping a woman for hours inside that storage unit, and Nancy had already decided that she was in love with the convicted rapist.

Nancy Garrido is no victim. She was not a psycho. She worked as a nursing and physical therapy aide in Contra Costa County, Calif.  Nancy helped her husband kidnap, confine, and torture Jaycee Lee (rape is torture) for almost twenty years. Yet people who worked with Nancy Garrido say they are “shocked” by her arrest. During the time that Jaycee was being raped and forced to have children with her captor, Nancy worked full time as a nurses aid and she had impeccable references. Nancy’s training in health care allowed her to help deliver Jaycee’s two children, who were products of  rape by Philip Garrido.

Nancy’s patients say they were “totally shocked” by her arrest. I am shocked that people are shocked! When are poeple going to stop being so surprised that human beings can look totally normal on the outside, behave in kind and caring ways towards others, and be sexually twisted behind closed doors?

An FBI profiler who has examined the case says that Philip Garrido deliberately attempted to make his “family” (Jaycee included) appear normal to people on the outside. This is what these degenerates do. They calculatingly try and make themselves appear as “good” citizens while they are secretly committing heinous acts on children.

Please society, stop being shocked by human nature. Stop assuming that nicely dressed church going people are not sexually abusing their own kids.  Victims and survivors of incest, rape, child sexual abuse, ritual abuse, and Satanic Ritual Abuse need to be believed. Victims need people to understand and admit that we never know what goes on behind closed doors or within the mind of other human beings –no matter how nice, well-dressed, religious, or upstanding of a citizen they appear to be.

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