The Transformation from Child Into Monster

“Garrido Morphed into Alleged Predator”

He morphed alright, but not because of drugs. Hundreds of thousands of people got caught up in marijuana, cocaine, and LSD. They aren’t all out there kidnapping and raping little girls, and holding them captive for eighteen years. Besides, if we use this excuse for Philip Garrido, what’s Nancy’s excuse?

Garrido’s  father blames “drugs and a head injury” as the cause of Garrido’s sexual deviations and need for violence against women. They should look more closely at Garrido’s childhood and find out why he had an unbalanced relationship with his parents and why he hates women so much. Daddy and mommy dearest might not be so innocent.

Of course childhood abuse never justifies a sexual abuser’s crimes, but it does point to a root cause and a better understanding of perpetrators.

Garrido’s father says his son’s 1968 motorcycle accident and drug abuse is what led him down the road to becoming a monster but Garrido’s father might very well be throwing that one out there in a feeble attempt to exonerate himself of any abuse that he may have perpetrated on his son.  Degenerates like Philip Garrido don’t come out of loving and balanced homes. This guy has a hatred of women that is vile and deadly. It would be interesting to know the true depths of Philip’s relationship with his mother. Most people know by now that the vast majority of those who rape women and sexually abuse children were abused sexually themselves as a child. Who might have assaulted Philip Garrido as a child? Could be anyone. A family member, a neighbor, family friend. It could be that someone in the family sexually abused Philip Garrido and his mother protected the perpetrator instead of her son –happens all the time. That might explain his rage towards women.

In defense of Philip Garrido’s parents, I know the human mind pretty well, and Philip’s crimes could be the result of something as seemingly harmless as his mother shunning sex or considering it dirty and not allowing her son to masturbate or experience pleasure. Philip’s crimes could merely be a subconscious rebellion against that kind of upbringing in the most violent way. Never underestimate the power of the mind.

This of course, is my opinion only. These are not facts. But Garrido’s 1976 psychiatric report states that he suffers from migraine headaches which have been linked to child sexual abuse. The report states that he suffers from poor impulse control. It’s clear that someone harmed Philip Garrido mentally or physically as a child in some severe form. I don’t know what happened to cause him to become such an ugly human being but it wasn’t drug use and a head injury, I can guarantee that.

Society is always looking for an easy answer, the most comfortable answer… “Oh it must have been drug use.” or “Oh, it’s not his fault, he was injured in the head.” A psychiatrist hired by Garrido’s public defender in Garrido’s 1977 rape case said Garrido suffers from “deep-rooted sexual obsessions.” and that drug use was not responsible for his sexual degeneracies or sexual obsessions. At least the psychiatrist in the case is awake.

What’s interesting is that Garrido testified that his parents “taught him right from wrong” and didn’t use any corporal punishment on him. It is not unusual by any means for people to uplift their parents as good people, no matter how badly they treated the child. So his statement does not surprise me or alter my position. I uplifted my father as a wonderful man and my mother as a “good” church-going woman until I allowed myself to truly face the fact that my father was a tyrant and my mother loved him more than her own daughter –to the point of protecting him over me. The human denial system is quite strong when it comes to our parents.

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