Is America Run by a Group of Child Abusing Satanists?

Have you heard of Cathy O’Brien? If not, her story is compelling. If true, her story is frightening and something every American should know about.

When I first heard about Cathy O’Brien, I retained a desire to disbelieve her story, but given what I know about the men who sit in positions of power in the United States, and the fact that I know by personal experience that evil can sit at the dinner table (so it can easily sit in the White House) I find Cathy O-Brien’s story to be very believable.  I have also done a little research about her case and watched her speeches on YouTube.

Cathy O’Brien alleges that she was the victim of government mind control and of child sexual abuse, as well as being a sex slave for certain men (and women) in some of the highest positions in American Government, including Presidents and Senators. Cathy O’Brien is an alleged recovered survivor of the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) MK-Ultra Project Monarch operation.  After years of intensive recovery, she is now very vocal about her history of being a victim of child pornography and about her alleged recruitment as a White House sex slave.

The only reason that Cathy O’Brien is alive and well is because she was rescued by Mark Phillips, who was employed as a “subcontractor” of the U.S. Department of Defense. Mark Phillips is internationally recognized by law enforcement, and by mental health professionals, as an authority on the secret science of externally controlling the human mind.

Phillips had exposure to mind control research and knew how to help deprogram Cathy. Phillips says he was required to sign an oath of secrecy, and to this day, he cannot -by law- ever reveal certain specific information that pertains to his employment and knowledge as a United States DOD subcontractor. However, the book, Trance-Formation of America, written by O’Brien and Phillips, describes Phillip’s depth of security level within the DOD.

Not only have Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips documented their story in Trace-Formation of America, they have also documented their struggle for justice in their book, Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security. That’s right, Cathy O’Brien cannot receive justice against her alleged perpetrators because she was told that her story violates National Security. So the very people who have allegedly sexually abused her (and her daughter) are protected by claiming that national security secrets cannot be revealed. In Access Denied, Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips document their testimony about Cathy’s alleged sexual abuse –testimony that was given to U.S. courts, US Congress, and to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights Abuses.

As of the date of this post, these books are uncontested documents, and not one of the perpetrators named in these books have filed a lawsuit against O’Brien or Phillips. That -to me- speaks volumes.  If you were publicly and falsely accused of child sexual abuse, wouldn’t you contest it from the roof tops? I would expect that -if the allegations are false- at least one of the people Cathy says sexually abused her and her daughter would have filed a lawsuit against her by now.

I have only read half of Trance-Formation of America because, as a previous victim of incest, death threats, and severe trauma, the book is VERY hard on me. I had to put the book down several times. But I will continue to read it because I feel that it is important for mainstream Americans to come out of denial about who controls our society. You will be shocked at who Cathy O’Brien says sexually abused her and her daughter (Cathy’s daughter is currently in a mental institution as a result of the alleged severe trauma and abuse by these people.)

As the book, Trance-Formation of America reveals, the control of information -in and of itself- is a form of mind control. How many of you feel that information is controlled, suppressed, and often intertwined with lies by the U.S. media and by the U.S. Govt.?

Knowledge is power, and we as citizens and as human beings, must inform ourselves or we could be driven off a cliff to hell by people in positions of power.

I am not asking that you believe Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips, only that you open your mind to the possibility. You can watch Cathy O’Brien speak here. You can also order and read about the books through Amazon.


  • The YouTube Video is in seven parts. I have given the link for part one. The other parts of Cathy’s speech are available by clicking on them to the right of the YouTube Webpage.
  • Anyone who has been severely abused, and especially anyone who has been sexually abused in a ritualistic or satanic ritualistic manner, needs to take extreme care when reading these books, as they can trigger physical and mental reactions in anyone who has gone though extreme child sexual abuse.
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3 Responses to Is America Run by a Group of Child Abusing Satanists?

  1. Andre' says:

    Cathy O Brien names names. These names also come up in Brice Taylor’s book. Also The Franklin Cover-Up. The worlds ruling elite are satanists who predate on children. Also see Jeffery Goldstien, friends with royalty and the Clintons, also pedophiles. Yep Hillary too. They all do it.

  2. REIT says:

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. There are some good points here. 🙂

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