Defending Child Rapists –The Roman Polanski Case

Gee, no shocker that Woody Allen is defending Roman Polanski, but would so many people be defending him if he had been an unknown male attacker? No. The only reason that Polanski is being supported by members of the Hollywood elite is because he is a somewhat talented film maker, well-known, and charismatic to some (Polanski was married to the beautiful actress Sharon Tate who was killed by the Manson Family members).

“A high-profile rush to defend Roman Polanski after the film director’s arrest sparked a backlash on Wednesday, as a growing number of politicians called for him to face justice over a three-decade-old child sex case.

Details of Polanski’s detention also emerged, with a Swiss newspaper saying he was being held in a rudimentary cell in Zurich, receiving five Swiss francs (3.30 euros, 4.85 dollars) in pocket money daily and tracksuits to wear.

The world’s cultural elite and some prominent European politicians had rushed to back the Franco-Polish film-maker after he was arrested Saturday on his arrival in Zurich to collect a lifetime achievement award at a film festival.

But now others have warned that such a stance risks damaging efforts to fight rape and smacks of favouritism, with Polanski in 1978 having pleaded guilty in the United States to having unlawful sex with a 13-year-old girl.

On Wednesday, the French government dropped its public support for Polanski, saying he was not “above the law,” despite strong previous backing from its culture and foreign ministers.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk also distanced himself from efforts to push for Polanski’s release — though his own foreign minister has supported freeing the 76-year-old director of “The Pianist”.

Poland’s Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski and his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner had written to US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton calling for Polanski to be freed.

“This case of course involved a leading Polish director, and dates back many years, but it’s also about rape, and sex with a child,” Tusk told reporters.

“We mustn’t mix that with politics, or play the patriotic card.”

In Switzerland, under fire from Polanski backers for bowing to the US request to arrest him, politicians defended the action that could see the director extradited to the United States.

“It is really shocking to me that the facts against Polanski are being minimised,” said Maria Roth-Bernasconi, a Socialist parliamentarian.

Her Christian-Democrat colleague, Dominique de Buman, said “everyone is equal” before the law.

Leonard Bender, a parliamentarian from the centre-right Liberals, said “Switzerland bent before the law and it is to its honour.”

A member of the British parliament was blunt as he called on the 47-nation Council of Europe to support Polanski’s extradition to the United States to send a strong message against rape.

“Polanski took a 13 year-old girl, gave her drugs, and then had anal sex with her,” said Denis MacShane, Britain’s ex-minister for Europe who also represents his country at the Council of Europe’s parliament.

“Polanski committed an act of paedophile rape and should be held accountable for this violence in order to send a message that sodomising a little girl is not to be excused because of his genius as a film-maker.”

But Polanski has no shortage of supporters, including at least 110 film industry figures who signed a petition calling for his release.

Among them are leading Hollywood figures like Martin Scorcese, Woody Allen and David Lynch, as well as Wim Wenders, Pedro Almodovar, Tilda Swinton and Monica Bellucci.

Many Polish cultural figures have also remained solidly behind him.

Renowned director Andrzej Wajda was steering a drive to gather signatures for a petition pressing Polish authorities to do more to help Polanski.

“The events of 30 years ago and Roman Polanski’s role in them were morally reprehensible. But we draw attention to the fact that Polanski’s departure from the United States was simply a matter of escaping a judicial lynching,” the petition said.

Polanski fled the United States in 1978 before sentencing on the charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. He has never returned, even missing the ceremony for his Oscar award for “The Pianist” in 2003.

He agreed a plea bargain in the case after the girl testified she had been drugged and sodomised against her will.

Polanski’s legal team argued the conviction should be annulled because the judge who heard the 1970s case had improperly colluded with prosecutors. The judge has since died.

The woman named as the victim in the 1977 case has joined defense lawyers in urging the dismissal of the case.”

Why is the victim defending him? I read somewhere that it is because she forgives him now. But does forgiveness make a child rapist above the law? Forgiveness is for the soul of the person, not for the legal justice system.

Source:  Raw Rush to Defend Polanski Sparks Backlash

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4 Responses to Defending Child Rapists –The Roman Polanski Case

  1. aletheamarinanova says:

    Lacee, there would be no trial. He already plead guilty. He fled the country before he could do his time. There is no statute of limitations when he has already accepted a guilty plea.

    • Lacee says:

      Ok my bad. I just reread the article. So if he pleaded guilty then why wasn’t he extradited th the US a lot sooner? It makes no sense that European authorities would shield him from doing his time for something this serious.

      • aletheamarinanova says:

        Every country has its own laws and apparently Polanski chose to flee to a country that did not care that he had raped a thirteen year-old girl. When he chose to enter a country that has some sort of treaty with the U.S., he was arrested.

  2. Lacee says:

    What is it with the Hollywood elite defending Polanski? This is stupid. He’s guilty as sin & I say that because he fled in 1977 instead of owning up to the crime. If he’d been innocent he’d have had nothing to worry about & he would have faced the issue(for lack of a better word)like a man. Heck if he’d been found guilty & gotten thrown in jail he’d have been out by now. What a moron. As for the victim, maybe she just doesn’t want to be dragged through a trial of a 30 year old crime. She probably doesn’t see any point in it now. Or maybe she doesn’t want her name being dragged through the mud. Btw isn’t there a statute of limitations for this? This crime happened 30 years ago. I agree that Polanski should face the music but hasn’t the statute of limitaions run out?

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