Polanski: “Everyone Wants to F*** Young Girls”

According to the examiner.com, in an interview given to Martin Amis in 1979, Roman Polanski said regarding the rape charges against a thirteen year-old girl:

“If I had killed somebody, it wouldn’t have had so much appeal to the press, you see? But… fucking, you see, and the young girls. Judges want to fuck young girls. Juries want to fuck young girls. Everyone wants to fuck young girls!”

Speak for yourself, you twisted degenerate little worm.

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One Response to Polanski: “Everyone Wants to F*** Young Girls”

  1. Serieve Marie Elizabeth Andrews says:

    I can explain myself better in a longer post, but this evil has a point. Murder does not appeal as ‘nicely’ as murder and rape. Sex sells – in whatever format, very sadly. Making love. Sex. Rape. Porn. Intercourse.

    Yes, ‘fucking’ does sell. He’s right about that. But I or anyone else could have told the world that. Hello and duh.

    What he is really saying and doing is ‘because the world wants it…what I did was okay.’ Just another standard and ‘understandable’ excuse/defense. Very, very old.

    About everything else…no! No. He wanted to fuck girls. Pedophiles want too. Pornographers do.

    Now, I am part of the ‘everyone’ he is speaking of suppose. After all, I am a human…

    I want to fuck young girls? Really, I do? Wow – this I did not know.

    Because I DON’T want to fuck or rape young girls, adolescent girls, grown, adult women or anyone else. I do not want to have a consensual one night stand, an affair, a relationship, a date or several, or a marriage. I have zero interest in sex with anyone, male, female or other.

    NO, not everyone wants to fuck young girls. Or fuck anyone, for that matter.

    ‘People’ who say things like this are just repeating the time-old drivel that assists in the rationalization and therefore, ‘normalization,’ of their criminal behaviour.

    He knows what he says is not true. He just hopes we, the majority of the public, don’t or won’t, so he and others like him can continue in their crimes.

    If this wasn’t such a serious subject, I would roll my eyes.

    The least pedophiles could do is come up with some new, creative – and perhaps (and I know this is asking just oh too much given the I.Q source of most of them)- some CREDIBLE – excuses for their deviance.

    But, what, really, can you expect from idiocy?

    I would like to inform this one idiot that even if he had murdered after ‘fucking,’…his pathetic rationalizations would not have been okay than either.

    Pathetic and evil is still pathetic and evil, roman.

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