Desensitization to Child Sexual Abuse in America

Someone wrote a comment on my blog about TV programs desensitizing Americans to the issue of child sexual abuse. I feel this is worth addressing in an entire post.

MTV is one of the biggest purveyor of the psychological and spiritual corruption of American teenagers. One of the programs on MTV is called, “Sex With Mom and Dad.” In this reality show, teens talk about their sex life with their parents, but you can see by the name of the program that the producers are trying to desensitize people to incest, make it seem like sex with your parents is ‘normal’ behavior, or -at the very least- make a joke out of incest.

Then you have TV commercials advertising for baby products where an infant or toddler is shown naked (with its genitals covered) on a toilet or a mother kissing her naked child’s stomach (it is shown provocatively, not tactfully), or a parent kissing their child on the lips. This is all being done to desensitize and to give subliminal messages to pedophiles, and to society –the message that intimate kissing on the mouth and sexual play are all okay to do with children.

A few years ago there was a beer commercial that openly suggested sexual feelings between father and daughter, and I once saw a little five year-old girl in my neighborhood wearing a t-shirt that said, “Juicy Heiress.” Yes, there is a clothing company called “Juicy” but the signal is clear to the mind of a pedophile, “go ahead and molest this child because her mother has made her a sex object by buying this t-shirt for her.”

Children are not safe in this world. They are vulnerable to the evil intentions of corporate greed, to clueless parents, and to the pedophiles and child sexual abusers waiting to cash in on it.

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