Whoopie Goldberg is an Ignorant Nincompoop

That’s my opinion, and it is most likely shared by other victims and survivors of child sexual abuse, rape, and incest.

Many of you may be aware of Whoopie Goldberg’s comment on “The View” where she said that Roman Polanski’s rape of then thirteen year-old Samantha Geimer in 1977 didn’t constitute “rape rape.”

I somewhat remember being thirteen years-old. I was naive’, shy, insecure, and had no self-confidence or understanding of the boundaries regarding my body. I had already been raped and molested by my father and did not have the mental capacity to truly understand that I was also vulnerable to any man or teenage boy who might want to rape me. As with all teens, my brain was not fully physiologically developed and could not have truly understood some of the consequences of my actions at the time –like smoking pot and dabbling in a little Boon’s Farm wine at the local skating rink. I didn’t comprehend that going off to secluded places with boys or to a guy’s parked car might have resulted in a rape. I am lucky that I was never raped by any of those guys. But I just wanted male attention. I learned that from my father.

Roman Polanski lured his victim by taking her photo and making her think that the photos would be published in magazines like Vogue. He gave her alcohol and Qualudes. Then the disgusting human being sodomized his victim when (during the vaginal rape) he realized that he could get her pregnant.

Maybe “Whoopie” has had a little too much whoopee in her life and doesn’t know that all rape is “rape rape” but her comment was like a stab in the heart to all victims and survivors of child sexual abuse, rape, and incest. I have this to say to all the morons in the film industry who are defending Polanski:

If prosecutors allow Polanski to go fee, it is saying to all perpetrators of children, “Go ahead, molest and rape kids, you’ll get a free pass.” And it will say to all victims and survivors of child sexual abuse, “You are worthless.”

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2 Responses to Whoopie Goldberg is an Ignorant Nincompoop

  1. Perez Christina says:

    what I heard was the exact opposite.. that it was consentual sex and not rape..

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      According to the victim’s grand jury testimony, it was rape. I read her testimony, and in my opinion, as well as in the opinion of the Prosecutors, it was rape. The victim says she has forgiven Polanski. If it was consensual, then what is there to forgive?

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