Women Can Be Degenerate Monsters Too

As I watched The Learning Channel’s documentary last night which told the story of Jaycee Lee Dugard’s horror, I was pretty blown away that there was barely any mention of Nancy Garrido’s part in the kidnapping, rapes, confinement and psychological abuse of Jaycee.

The Learning Channel did a pretty good job over all but they did not address the fact that a woman played a huge role in Jaycee’s eighteen year nightmare. They spoke of Nancy only to say that she helped in the kidnapping and that she met and married Phillip Garrido when he was in prison for raping Katherine Callaway in 1976.

The documentary highlighted a few experts on the case. They all called Phillip Garrido, Jaycee’s rapist, a “Sadist,” a “Sociopath”  and “evil.” Do you know what they said about Nancy Garrido? They said she was “obedient” to her husband. Hmmm. Why was the woman not called a “sociopath” and “evil?” The Learning Channel documentary did the same damn thing that most all people do in cases like these. They call the man a “monster” and consider the woman a “victim.”

In my mind, Nancy Garrido is just as much of a monster as her child rapist husband. Nancy Garrido not only helped to traumatize eleven year-old Jaycee when she pulled her into the car and stole Jaycee her from her family, but Nancy stood by as her husband raped his child victim in a shed or tent in the back yard of the Garrido home.

Nancy Garrido then allowed her husband to hold down and repeatedly rape Jaycee Lee Dugard over and over and over and over again for eighteen long years. Who is the Sadist now?

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4 Responses to Women Can Be Degenerate Monsters Too

  1. Perma Frost says:

    Have you ever heard of the case of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka in Canada? A husband and wife team kidnapped, raped, tortured many young women, the first of which was Karla’s own sister. The husband is in jail for life, but the wife is free, remarried, has a child and is possibly living in the Carribean with her new family. She convinced the courts that she was simply a victim of her sick twisted husband and obeyed him out of fear. Only years after her plea bargain for testifying did it become clear that she played a much more active role than she admitted. Smh, so disenheartening, and terrifying.

    • Alethea says:

      Yes Perma, if you look at the photo gallery on my main page, under “Evil comes in all forms” you will see there are two images of these two. That case always disturbed me. What she did to her little sister is beyond evil. That any man had children with Karla is so very sad.

  2. Nellie Dee says:

    It was aired again tonight 11/23/12 and what appalls me been more is that Jaycee was right in the backyard with neighbors reporting her presence, yet no one listened! Or in other words: they did not care enough!

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