Let’s Give Child Sexual Abusers, Child Murderers and Rapists a Break

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my readers wanted me to feel more sympathetic towards women like Michelle Kehoe and Andrea Yates, who both brutally murdered their children. Yates drowned her five boys, and Kehoe took a hunting knife and slashed the throats of her two year-old and seven-year old boys. The older child survived and was able to tell the world what his mother did to him.

I want to pose a question to those who feel that compassion ought to be given to mothers who violently murder their children, and that they should be in a mental institution as opposed to prison. Would you feel the same about Phillip Garrido, who kidnapped young Katherine Callaway in 1976 and raped her for five hours in a sex chamber inside a storage unit? The same man who then beat the system and got out of prison in time to kidnap eleven year-old Jaycee Lee Dugard, keeping her prisoner for eighteen years, raping her hundreds of times and fathering two of her children?

How about Anthony Sowell, a man who police say, buried at his home, at least six bodies of the women he raped and killed inside his “house of horrors.” Do you feel sympathy for him? Or is it only women that should receive this compassion? After-all, Sowell, Garrido and Kehoe tried to cover up their crimes. Garrido, Sowell, Yates, and Kehoe all planned their crimes before-hand and hid their crimes from anyone who might stop them. All three of these child victimizers, as well as the rapist Sowell, have serious mental health problems.

If society chooses to give moral and legal immunity to women who commit horrors and murder on their children, then society must also give the same leniency to men who commit sexual degenerate crimes against children and women. There is no separating one from the other. Sex crimes and murder are rooted in some kind of deeply unstable mental issues in the perpetrator. Garrido and Sowell are just as sick and evil as women who kill children. Compassion cannot be given to one and not to the other.

So if the people who want me to feel more compassion are honest with themselves, they are saying that they want a world where all child sexual offenders and child murderers -regardless of the heinous nature of their crimes- should receive sympathy and mental health care for the rest of their life in a hospital, and to serve zero time in prison.

If that ever happened, we would live in a world where it is open-season on children.

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20 Responses to Let’s Give Child Sexual Abusers, Child Murderers and Rapists a Break

  1. Boston says:

    Read the April issue of the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis and you will get a fairly good assessment of the scope and use of hypnosis in clinical practice.

    You might also want to read the published accounts of the use of hypnotherapy relative to breast cancer after treatment (reducing the nausea after chemo),etc.

    Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital have also conducted studies and the results might be published either on their site or on the internet. To the best of my understanding hypnotherapy was part of a research project which attempted to speed up the mending of bones. A control group of 12 was used and there was no clear, definitive results which indicated that hypnotherapy had any efficacy.

    There is presently no empirical data that states that hypnotherapy cures illness or disease but it is used by some to TREAT everything from phobias, low self esteem, warts as well as a tool to enhance sports performance and perhaps even as a relaxation therapy for musicians, artists and possibly those who wish to avoid having to take medication for stage fright.

    I hope this helps.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Respectfully, I don’t need to read the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis because I know full well the miracles and the depth of help that hypnosis can bring to millions of people.

      Hypnotherapy has done more than relieve nausea from chemo, it has CURED breast cancer. It has also been successfully used during periods of World War Two. Kaufman used hypnosis on 2,500 military patients. Eighty-five percent of the subjects returned to duty because of the healing abilities associated with the technique. The lives of five patients were saved by the use of hypnosis when it helped them during severe asthma attacks known as “status asthmaticus” which are not normally treatable with standard medical treatments for the asthma.

      Erickson wrote about the multitude of people who attained success for medical problems through the use of hypnosis and about those who gave the technique increased validity and scientific support.

      I also don’t put any weight on what Harvard Medical School has to say on the matter because -not only do I know if they are utilizing the technique properly- but Dr. Paul McHugh, an esteemed member of Harvard medical, has vehemently ignored evidence of Dissociative Amnesia (repressed memories) and has testified for accused child abusers because he doesn’t support the theory of repression. He also sits on the board for the “False Memory Syndrome Foundation” –an organization that is shady and started by a man who claims pedophilia is “God’s will.”

      Through the use of hypnotherapy, my therapist has healed people with asthma, epilepsy, breast cancer, kidney stones, and more. She has helped me heal from the hell of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, a disease that doctors say there is no real cure for, or even treatment for it. I suffered with over seventy different physical problems with that disease and they are gone.

      Through the use of hypnosis, a person can heal their body and their mind without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, which can paralyze people with unnatural chemicals. Psychotropic drugs cover up on-going symptoms and will never cure the origin of the problem. The symptom is merely masked with the drug and will eventually lodge itself in another part of the body or with emotional dysfunction.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Boston, I deleted your latest comment because you have completely misrepresented me to my readers. You said that I “know nothing” about my own experience and my sources? What the hell are you talking about? I know nothing of my own experience? Do you know how stupid that sounds? I know nothing of my sources? I spoke of Erickson and Kaufman. What about them was incorrect? As far as what my therapist has done for her patients, are you calling her patients liars?

      You have a no right to be misinformed and then to try and pass yourself off as knowledgeable about hypnotherapy.

  2. Boston says:

    You can disagree with me all you want and I assure you I am never offended by a hearty discussion about the facts and their analysis.

    A couple of points:
    Hypnotherapy might be helpful in psychotherapy if one was treating a patient with a phobia and often times it works with smoking cessation.

    Some criminologist and psychotherapist use it but it’s efficacy is not known across the board or with all patients. It is used extensively in movies, literature and theatre for dramatic effect and as secondary plot line in a cheesy novel.

    Hypnotherapy has not solved the issues of the human mind nor has it cured illness or disease.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Hypnotherapy is more than helpful, it works miracles. The fact that you refer to its use for phobias and smoking, and make reference to movies and novels shows me that you have no real knowledge on the subject.

      >Hypnotherapy has not solved the issues of the human mind nor has it cured illness or disease.>

      You have no idea what you are talking about.

  3. Hilde says:

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  4. Hilde says:

    Boston~~ As always, You do make Sense.
    I do appreciate Your Opinion. I try to keep an open Mind,especially if I can learn something. You pointed out Facts worth given some Thoughts to it. I agree this is not a perfect World with perfect People in it. Nothing is black and white, there are grey Areas to consider as much as I dislike it in some Cases, especially when it involves helpless and innocent Children. JMHO

  5. IRONSIDE says:

    Hi Alethea, Will try and find you a link so that you can read for yourself her theory. To be honest I find it a bit weak on the ground but then I am not a therapist.

  6. Boston says:

    Hilde-I find it very difficult to compare Andrea Yates and Mrs Kehoe mainly because I do not believe they committed the crimes in the same way. One was clearly pychotic and the other had suicidal ideation and looked like she was a long term meth user. Both in my mind were insane at the time they killed their children.

    Andrea was diagnosed prior to her 16th birthday with schizophrinia. She was treated and did very well for almost 10 years. She was the Valedictorian of her high school graduating class, an honors graduate of U of Texas and an oncology nurse up till she was married around 1995.

    Her husband thought that a dope slap would cure her major depression when she had her first child. He told her she would never, ever return to work and although he was a well paid eng. at NASA or some such place they lived in a bus at one point and then a trailer. He wanted her to be a baby factory -he thought that is what the Lord wanted her to be.

    Her psychiatrist cautioned Mr Yates about having another child. Within the fist 10 years of her marriage she had 5 children and four years after getting married made her first attempt at suicide.

    I heard about the local outrage when reports came out very soon after the arrest of Mrs Yates that her kitchen wasn’t fit for barn animals and she had not had a shower for three weeks. The police were taken aback by both her smell and the filth of her home.

    Arriving to the home after the call from both Andrea and the police Mr Yates was wearing “casual Brooks Bros.”

    She did not premeditate the killing of her children she just told anyone who would listen that God told her she was a bad mother and the children would be better off with Him.

    When Mr Yates was newly married he and his new bride visited Andrea in prison. Since she is in a state run psychiatric facility they visit each Christmas.

    He brought new meaning to “All in the name of love”.

  7. knight Owl says:

    Hi Hilde and everyone.

  8. knight Owl says:

    I would be happy to give these monster’s that do this to children a break, a NECK BREAK~~

  9. Boston says:

    Ironside-I thought the Blog writer was Irsonside. My comments were directed at the article and not you per se.

  10. Boston says:

    Ironside-The mind is a vast mystery and unless and until science can probe the inner workings of the mind we will have to live in an imperfect world. 20th century psychiatrist have said they do not know how to treat them and as time passes the situation does not get any better. Current thinking is that they are not amenable to treatment. Their mental defect cannot be altered or suppressed with medication. I have no idea if castration would work and waiting around for it to be a deterrant is as meaningless as waiting around to see if the death penalty is a deterrant as well.

    To rid humanity of these people will take more “than a village”-parents need to guide their children and make them aware of evil in the world. Parents who see inappropriate behavior or witness speech and actions which are not not normal must have the courage to seek help and stategies which can give their children a fighting chance to navigate the world with support and supervision.

    Sexual deviance is something no one wants to talk about and many in the criminal justice system cannot find enough places for them. Young people are getting into pornography sooner rather than later and this is speeding up deviant, inappropriate behavior which sees the long arm of the law far sooner than a therapists’ couch. Parents are the first teachers and they are for all intents and purposes concerned but it is those who turn a blind eye to supervision who will pay the price and often times innocent victims pay the ultimate price, often times with their life.

    The first thing anyone wants is for these people to be locked away forever. No one is asking you to feel compassion for them. Identifying who they are and what they have become is far more important. You can;t do any good for anyone when hate trumps the ability to move our society towards a concrete sense of civility.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Hi Boston,

      I have to disagree with you about the human mind. The clinical use of hypnotherapy has penetrated the mind in ways that solve all of the problems that we are discussing here on this Blogsite. Howerver, due to misinformation being put out by people with money and an agenda, and due to media influences and general ignorance, hypnotherapy is misunderstood, not being utilized as it should be, and waved aside as insignificant. The use of hypnotherapy has not only solved the issues of the human mind, but it has cured illness and disease.

      Psychiatrists don’t know how to treat these degenerates because they have ignored or minimized the miracles of hypnotherapy. Psychiatrists spend their time prescribing dangerous drugs –but never truly penetrate the problem in the patient.

      Castration is merely comitting violence on the body when the mind is the problem. If mental health experts used good hypnotherapy on sex offenders, they could be cured, but the system does not want to know about the use of hypnotherapy. My therapist went to the prison systems in an attempt to help authorities to help criminals via hypnosis, she was shut down. They do not want to know.

      The death penalty has already been proven ineffective as a deterrant. States with the death penalty also have the highest amount of murder. Identifying who they are and what they have become is very important, but we also have the law of cause and effect that no one can escape. Action-Reaction is a universal law and every soul must pay the price for their conscious actions.

      • Boston says:

        It is well known in the journals of psychairtry that there are no treatment programs that work for sexual predators or child molesters. There are no known psychotropic drugs that inhibit their urges.

      • aletheamarinanova says:

        Just because the mental health “experts” have not investigated in depth the powers of hypnotherapy, and the proper usage of it, does not mean that hypnotherapy does not work.

        These journals are updated as information becomes more apparent. Dissociative Amnesia was not recognized in the journals until the second half of the twentieth century. Dissociative Amnesia is now a well recognized mental health disorder.

  11. Hilde says:

    Hello Ironside, I have no Idea what happened to my Post, my Guess is Alethea hasn’t checked the Spam Folder yet 😦

  12. Hilde says:

    I have a bad Habit of forgetting to sign in
    I guess my Comment went into Spam?

  13. Hilde says:

    speaking for myself I have Zero Sympathy for Child Sexual Abusers, Child Murderers and Rapists.
    The Gender, Looks and Age of the Perpetrator IMO shouldn’t make a Difference, if they are capable of committing a heinous Crime against any human being they need to do the time!!!
    There are too many Monsters roaming on our Streets and something has to change.
    There is definitely no Sympathy for People like that on my Part!
    Once convicted Monsters like that need to be punished
    to the fullest, no Exceptions!
    If any one deserves our Sympathy it would be the Victims and their Families! JMO

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