It Damn Well Has to Do With Sex!

What do we know about the Burrell “Ed” Mohler case? It is being reported that almost all of Mohler’s children believe the grandchildren’s claims of incest against their grandfather, Ed Mohler. We know that police found incest pornography in the home of Mohler, and that some of the grandchildren reportedly told their mother about the incest while it was happening. We also know that a man whose ex-wife was married into the Mohler family, says that he attempted to tell the Lafayette County sheriff’s office, as well as a court-appointed guardian, that he feared incest was taking place at the Mohler home.

What else do we know? That community and church members, and friends of the family, refuse to believe that Mohler is capable of the crime of incest with children –nothing new under the sun.

Mohler is currently in jail along with his four sons, Ed, David, Roland and Jared, and his brother, Darrel. At least three of the grandchildren are claiming that, during sleepovers at the Mohler farm, there was incestuous rape, “weddings” with the children and incestuous acts in a chicken coop.

The Mohler farm is less than a mile from the Mohler church and members of the church are in total denial –so what else is new?

Gina Fauth, a good friend who sang church duets with Burrell Mohler Sr.’s wife, doesn’t buy any of the allegations. “He’s a very respectable man,” Fauth said. “I have no reason to not trust him. It’s mind-boggling. I’m just sick over it.” What about the prosecutor’s relentlessly recounted atrocities against girls as young as 5? “I don’t believe it, and we go back to 1951,” said Ron Gamble, a brother-in-law of the senior Mohler.

Uh huh, and did they ask Miss Gina about the incest pornography found at the farm? So much for a respectable man. What is so fucking unbelievable Ron Gamble? That Mohler could very well have a dark side that you never experienced because you are not a vulnerable child? Or is your disbelief that adults often want to have sex with their children? If it is merely because Mohler is the one accused of the crimes, then here’s a reality check…. “Sometimes, upstanding,”church-going members of the community like to have sex with children behind closed doors.

Many of the allegations directed at the Mohlers defy what experts encounter in sex abuse situations — group encounters involving children within the same family are rare, primarily because they are less apt to be kept secret. Still, there are cases of incest being so ingrained in a household that, for some families, “the act becomes normalized … a family value, as common as Sunday dinners or watching football on TV,” said Joseph Beck, a therapy director at Spofford Home, a Kansas City nonprofit that treats children with severe emotional problems.

I am blown away that “experts” are calling this situation rare. My God, where do these so-called experts inform themselves? If one child is being sexually abused, most often, all of them are. If one male dominating family member is having sex with children and the other males in the family are stimulated by it or conditioned to incest, then you can bet your ass that most of them will also assault the children. Incest is a disease that often infects every family member. Incest and the secrets surrounding it get its tentacles into the entire family dynamics.

Clinicians widely believe that child molestation, especially within a household, is driven more by urges to be violent and exert power than act out instilled sexual practices. “It’s not about sex. It’s about power and control,” said Judith Ann Cohen, who specializes in child-rape cases at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. “A man who feels he is king of his castle gets to abuse his children because, well, you can if you’re king of your castle.”

I have more news for the “experts” –it may very well have a lot to do with a patriarch in the family practicing his power, but it also has to do with sex. If it were not sex-induced, the abusers would be physically assaulting the children or verbally assaulting them. If it had nothing to do with sex, the perpetrators would be psychologically harming the children. When abusers are sexually penetrating, stimulating, kissing and fondling children, IT HAS TO DO WITH SEX!


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    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Thanks for posting I am glad that you have reaffirmed what I already knew. I don’t know why the “experts” say these stupid things.

  1. You are correct again. I can just off the top of my head name three people that have gone through the exact same thing.

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