Mother of Two Gets Life in Prison for Slashing Her Boy’s Throats, Leaving Then to Die

Michelle Kehoe was convicted in November of first-degree murder, attempted murder and child endangerment.

The Iowa mother was sentenced to life without parole on Tuesday for slashing the throat of her two year-old son and leaving him to die. Michelle Kehoe also received twenty-five years for the attempted murder of her older son. Kehoe had slit the throat of her older son but he survived to tell his story. Kehoe left both children to die and then attempted to kill herself.

The defense attorney said Kehoe felt she was “trying to save her sons from a life of suffering when she cut their throats and her own.” Hmmm. If she wanted to save them, she should have allowed the boys to live their life with their father, or given the boys to a loving friend or relative, and then taken her own life. Or, worse case scenario, give them an overdose of sleeping pills and allow them to die in peace. If you want to put someone out of their perceived misery, you don’t terrorize them, make them see that their own mother is the murdering them, and then slash their throat with a hunting knife.

I am very happy that the jury rejected her insanity defense and convicted her of first-degree murder and attempted murder because this was a Satanic, brutal, deliberate and savage attack on two innocent little beings.

Kehoe has a no-contact order, which prohibits her from contacting or seeing her surviving son. Children need to be able to express themselves to those who harm them. Her son might very well want to see his mother some day to tell her how she made him feel when she tried to kill him. He might also want to face her one day to forgive her. Children are very loving and forgiving creatures. The boy deserves to be able to do that if he chooses to one day. I hope the courts will allow it if he does.

“When [the victim’s] therapist tells us he is ready and it might be beneficial, then that’s the time to revisit the no contact order. He’s pretty fragile right now,” Vander Hart said.”

Prosecutors say that Kehoe planned the attack during the previous month. She bought a knife and duct tape, then she lied to her husband about where she was taking the boys. When Kehoe’s suicide attempt failed, she wrote a note stating that a man broke into the car when she stopped at a gas station and that he forced her and her boys to the area where they were found. Kehoe’s note said she tried to fight the man off with pepper spray, but that he knocked her unconscious.

“I asked for consecutive time because there were two victims and because of the extensive planning and premeditation of these crimes,” Vander Hart said.”


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