Teen Sets Mother’s Bed on Fire…With Her Mother in It

An eleven year-old Florida girl has been arrested and placed in a psychiatric ward after her mother’s bed was set on fire, allegedly, by the girl and her fifteen year-old boyfriend.

Samantha Broadhead, above, is in a psychiatric hospital and her boyfriend is in jail. Samantha Broadhead and her boyfriend are accused of trying to murder Samantha’s mother, Nancy Broadhead. Police say Broadhead had argued with her daughter the day before the incident, and that during the pre-dawn hours of the next day, Samantha and her boyfriend, Jack Ault, threw gasoline on Nancy Broadhead’s bed and set it on fire. They fled in the mother’s car. The smoke alarms awakened the woman and she got out of the house, but was severely burned. She is being treated at the burn center at Tampa General Hospital.

Samantha was arrested after she returned to her house. Allegations of child abuse and child endangerment against the mother were made on CNN’s Jane Velez-Mitchell program. Some people on the case feel the teen set her mother on fire out of teenage rebellion. Others say she was angry over being abused by the mother.  If the girl is guilty of setting her mother on fire, her reasons are most likely a combination of both child abuse and teenage rebellion.

Source: ABC News

CNN Jane Velez-Mitchell Hour December 30th 2009

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One Response to Teen Sets Mother’s Bed on Fire…With Her Mother in It

  1. auntdeedee says:

    11 years old? Something doesn’t seem right in the home of this angry child. It makes me wonder if there wasn’t child abuse going on as well as teen (?) rebellion. Havibng a 15 year old boyfriend probably added fuel to the fire. Sad case, this is.

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