Mother of Eight Month-Old Boy Arrested in Connection to Child’s Dissapearance

Elizabeth Johnson, 23, left her Tempe, Arizona home with her son Gabriel Johnson on December 18. The eight month-old boy was seen with his mother at several hotels in Texas and allegedly at an amusement park on December 26.

Gabriel Johnson

Gabriel Johnson

No one has seen Gabriel Johnson since. The mother allegedly sent a text message and left a voicemail for Gabriel’s father and ex-boyfriend, Logan McQueary. The messages indicate the mother has killed her child. According to authorities, Johnson told Logan McQueary that their son was in a dumpster in a baby bag. She said the child was blue-colored and dead.

Apparently, there were custody issues going on at the time of the child’s disappearance and police think that Gabriel might still be alive, including evidence that Johnson may have tried to adopt the baby out to a different family.

Johnson will remain behind bars and police say she is refusing to cooperate about where Gabriel can be found.

Source:  CNN

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