Mother of Baby Gabriel Posts on MySpace

Elizabeth Johnson allegedly posted on MySpace: “Kiss my ass suckas!!” just a few days after baby Gabriel was last seen alive. FBI detectives have been in contact with San Antonio’s Cody Public Library to see what, if anything, Gabriel’s mother wrote on her MySpace page. They also want to know what else she was searching for on the Internet.

Johnson’s alleged Myspace page included her mood as being, “adventurous.”

Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

Police are wondering if she was trying to hide her tracks by using a public computer.

The woman who Johnson was going to adopt her son to, Tammi Smith, says she exchanged messages on MySpace with Johnson the day prior to Johnson’s arrest. Smith says that Johnson told her she would never come forward, and that she and Gabriel were doing fine…. I’m sure Elizabeth was fine.

Gabriel Johnson

Little angel Gabriel
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5 Responses to Mother of Baby Gabriel Posts on MySpace

  1. Diana says:

    Where is this couple that she says she gave Gabriel to? Why havent they stepped forward if there is such a couple? I was glad to hear last night on HLN that they will be fully prosecuted when and if they are found.

    This girl is so defiant, it amazes me. She doesn’t even fake feelings of sadness and despair, even if she did just give him away. I pray he is alive, but I don’t think he is.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      That’s for sure Diana. I don’t have much hope because it is clear that she is not hiding him from the father, but that she didn’t want him, and maybe even hurt him to hurt the father. Any good-intentioned couple would have brought Gabriel forward by now.

  2. Lori says:

    A -thanks for your response. Yes, I so agree about birth control. There is also adoption for so many people who cannot have children. Perhaps the only answer is plain old indifference, apathy. They’re not thinking, not caring past the moment. They’re too lazy to use birth control because that would involve thought and action. Immediate gratification to the fullest. It’s a cold world sometimes and children are the innocents. The thing that maddens me so much sometimes is that it would be so EASY really to prevent – Gabriel and Caylee (two examples among many) never had a chance, IMO, for no good reason at all. What starts out as a miracle ends up as a tragedy – if only the miracle was appreciated and treated as it should have been. I will never get it.

    Peace – have a good day. Lori

  3. aletheamarinanova says:

    Thanks Lori. Good comments, especially the remark about being a woman should bring more punishment. Imagine, women are given the body to be a vehicle for LIFE! to help give breath and life to another human being and so many of them abuse that privilege.

    I still don’t understand -in this day and age- why these women cannot just use birth control.

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