Polanski Being Brought Back To U.S. for Sentencing

“LOS ANGELES — Director Roman Polanski lost his bid Friday to be sentenced without returning to the U.S. when a judge ruled the director must be present in court if he wants to resolve his 32-year-old sex case.”

Notice how the media calls it a “sex case.” According to the victim’s testimony, he raped and sodomized her against her will. Let’s call it what it is.

Roman Polanski

The 76-year-old filmmaker fled the U.S. in 1978 after he plead guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. Polanski has been under house arrest in Switzerland, where he has been fighting extradition.

Polanski raped and sodomized the 13-year-old girl after giving her drugs and alcohol at Jack Nicholson’s house. Polanski lured the girl into the situation by saying he was going to take her photos for big name fashion magazines.

In 1978, the judge ordered Polanski to a diagnostic study at a California prison where he served 42 days. The judge told attorneys that this would be Polanski’s completed sentence. The judge later indicated that he was going to give Polanski a harsher sentence at a scheduled hearing. Polanski then fled to France and has been a fugitive ever since.

I don’t know why the judge changed his mind, but maybe it was because he received condemnation from rape survivors over the light sentence. I’m glad he changed his mind because any sentence other than a few years, would say to rapists and child molesters, ‘go ahead, rape women and kids, you’ll get a free pass.’

Source: Chron National

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