Seven Year-Old Dissapeared in 1973 While Chasing Butterflies

Considering the fact that Jaycee Lee Duggard was found after eighteen years of being in captivity with a child rapist and his child kidnapping, child rapist-loving wife, maybe we can all use the Internet, Blogsites and social networking sites to find this person.

“On a July afternoon in 1973, a little girl set out on her bicycle in a pristine corner of Connecticut. Janice Pockett, 7, was looking for a butterfly she’d caught and left on a rock by the road a couple of days earlier.

“We were driving my mom crazy I remember,” said her younger sister, Mary Engelbrecht, who is now 43. “My sister and I had been bickering over something stupid — a toothbrush, I think.”

Janice asked if she could ride off by herself and their mother said yes. It was a big deal, Engelbrecht said, because it was the first time either girl had been allowed to go anywhere by herself.

Janice never returned and 37 years later, the mystery of what happened to her continues to trouble residents of Tolland, a quiet community in the semi-rural suburbs of eastern Connecticut.

Engelbrecht still has vivid memories of the day her sister vanished. She recalls that their mother gave Janice an envelope for the butterfly. She remembers how Janice rode off on her green, Murray banana-seat bicycle.” CNN

Janice’s bike was found less than a mile away, abandoned near the the woods.


Janice Pockett (age progression to 39 years)

Police and volunteers searched for Janice for weeks and still continue to search for her today. They even used updated technologies to search for forensic evidence on her bicycle, but nothing was found.

Hundreds of possible suspects were questioned; homes were searched, and criminal background checks were conducted but everything led to dead ends.

“One potential suspect, now deceased, lived about 20 miles from Tolland at the time Janice Pockett disappeared. His criminal record included prison terms for the abduction and attempted murder of two boys in Massachusetts. And the man later was convicted of molesting two boys in Montana. When police searched the man’s Montana home, they found fragments of a child’s bones, but could not match them to Pockett. The man died in prison in 2008, and the identity of the child whose bones were found remains a mystery.” CNN

How horrific is it that, in a case unrelated to Janice’s disappearance, a man who had abducted and molested other little children was living only twenty miles from Janice’s home. It makes you wonder how many children are being molested and tortured inside someone’s home and then buried on the property or under the house, or the child’s body is thrown like trash into rivers or onto mountains.

“Janice Pockett’s disappearance remains an open investigation, police said, adding that they still receive tips from time to time. Blond with blue eyes, Janice was 4 feet tall in 1973 and weighed 65 pounds. She was wearing blue shorts with an American flag pattern, a blue and white striped shirt and blue sneakers when she was last seen.” CNN

Investigators are asking for the public’s help. Anyone who knows the whereabouts of Janice Pockett or can lead police to the individual responsible for her disappearance is asked to call the tip line at 860-896-3200.

Source: CNN

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