Baby Gabriel’s Mother is Separated from Other Prisoners for Her Own Protection

“Arpaio, who has a reputation for being tough on his inmates, told KPHO “We have her in a separate cell, isolated from other prisoners, for her own safety. She can come out once, one hour, to take a shower by herself.”

Baby Gabriel, looking drugged (according to police) in photos taken by his mother just before he went missing. What’s that in his hand? Police say it is a medicine dropper.

Source: Denver Examiner

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4 Responses to Baby Gabriel’s Mother is Separated from Other Prisoners for Her Own Protection

  1. aletheamarinanova says:

    I’m pretty surprised at how many people are condoning violence against these women. I don’t support what they did, but I also don’t support violence on any human being –no matter how evil they are. It is a violent and destructive society that has created violence and a lack of love in human beings.

  2. jacque says:

    she will never talk. She doesn’t give a sh%& about
    her baby.

  3. sophie says:

    Have a feeling the special protection will not encourage her to talk.

    Having to watch her back every second from someone who wants the glory of taking her out/beating the life out of her, would probably be more talking inducive. Meaning, “Hey Elizabeth, we can offer you protection in your own cell IF you give up what you did with your chid, but if you don’t, well…jail’s a bear”.

    Quite frankly, I think it might be time to start waterboarding some of these girls.

  4. JR says:

    Good! Maybe that will break her and she will admit what she did with the Baby!

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