Haleigh’s Dad: ‘Will kill Haleigh Abductor: Justifiable Homicide’

Haleigh Cummings

“Just released – Haleigh’s dad’s shocking audio tapes from behind bars! Ronald Cummings claims killing Haleigh’s abductor himself would be “justifiable homicide” & worth life without parole!”

Source: CNN Nancy Grace

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6 Responses to Haleigh’s Dad: ‘Will kill Haleigh Abductor: Justifiable Homicide’

  1. Tom Baker says:

    I agree! I think Ronald Know’s what happened to his daughter! He want’s to talk like he don’t’ but I think him and Misty both, were involved!

  2. knight owl says:

    Hi Alethea, i have never thought misty had anything to do with Haliegh’s disappearance but i do believe she knows something and that is why she fails her lie detector test. Ronald i think failed his too. Ronald is not at all convincing to me when he is whining and cyring over Haleigh. Something has always caught my eye, when Misty is asked questions she will always look to Ron before answering them. Why? Ron is controlling Misty that is ,why, i believe. I noticed in the 911 tape when this all went down, why did Ronald say, why did you let my child get stolen you b–ch. those were his words. He just supposedly had come home from work to find his daughter missing, so why say the ”stolen” word if he knew nothing at this point in time. fishy. He said he didn’t do drugs, well we see that is a lie. he is a drug head just like misty is as well as a drug trafficker. I believe Ronald is the total guilty person of whatever Haleigh’s fate ended up.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Good morning Knight Owl. My take on the 911 call was a man who came home from work to find that his daughter was missing and his girlfriend told him someone took her (because of the back door being propped open). In his immediate distress he believed her and thus, “Why did you let my child get stolen you bitch.” I always felt he sounded honest in the 911 call. I also feel that Misty was pretty freaked out in the call but she didn’t pass the lie detector test and Ron did. So my feeling is like yours -that she did not kill the child intentionally or have anything to do with another person taking Haleigh, but that Misty is not telling everything because -if she did- it would implicate her in being partially responsible for the reason that Haleigh is gone.

      But who knows? Maybe they both have me fooled and the entire 911 call was staged?

  3. sophie says:

    He was using her for free babysitting and housekeeping services.

    Any other girlfriend would possibly have had a life, a job, etc and not want to be there raising some guys kids.

    He had it made…free childcare, cooking, cleaning and sex on the side. Misty was either too dumb not to see the one sided deal she got when she moved in, or she was using him for free rent when she had nowhere else to go.

    I think Ron loved his kids, and is anquished that Haleigh is gone, and I think he definitely knows that his choices led to her demise. He may never admit it, but he KNOWS his contribution.

    However, he’s not the first young, single parent wholly responsible for two children with little life skills or support group. Women do this all the time, take up with a guy who’ll be a ‘father figure’ for their kids, put a roof over their heads, etc…often at the expense of the very children this is supposed to benefit.

  4. Lori says:

    Hi Alethea – Hope all is well. I can’t help but comment on this one. This guy just kills me. He says he would kill whoever may have harmed his daughter – that is understandable to some extent – such emotions about your child but the real rub for me is that he didn’t seem so very protective of her when she was living with him. Haleigh and her brother were left with Misty, a 17 year old girlfriend who has a history of partying, cocaine use and she’s underage herself. Sorry to be so harsh, but just listening to her speak would stop me from ever leaving anyone with her, including a pet. Maybe I’m drawing too many incorrect assumptions here but watching these families and hearing them, I just don’t think this little girl every had a chance with this bunch, Ronald included. Human psychology is so very interesting and gives pause every day. You know, I believe him, I think he’s that angry and frustrated for his daughter but the carelessness that occurred before her disappearance, including his lifestyle, just don’t jive with the emotion, IMO.

    Peace and thanks for any response. Lori

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Hi Lori. I SO agree with you. You are not being harsh. You are just speaking the truth, which is often uncomfortable. I also would not have left my pets with Misty, much less a child. Maybe somewhere inside of him, Ronald has some deep guilt and anger with himself for leaving the kids alone with Misty. Maybe his marriage to her was originally a psycholgical defiance against his own inner critic and against those who openly criticized his choice. As if to say, ‘I did nothing wrong in allowing Misty to stay with my kids…see, I am even marrying her.’ But our conscience gets the best of us eventually and maybe that’s why the marriage didn’t work and why he now has so much anger. It might be anger at himself –but being directed outward.

      Human psychology is extremely interesting isn’t it?

      Have a beautiful day!

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