Breaking News: Elizabeth Johnson Was Spotted With a Couple and a Man

A witness has recently come forward to say that Elizabeth Johnson was spotted with a couple in their thirties and twice with a Hispanic male. This arouses suspicions that little Gabriel was sold to a “baby broker” (Human trafficking) by his mother. But police are still set to search the landfill.


Source: CNN Nancy Grace Headline News


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11 Responses to Breaking News: Elizabeth Johnson Was Spotted With a Couple and a Man

  1. Marie says:

    I am wondering how Elizabeth is acting now that the landfill search has begun. Is she still not talking? It might give a clue as to whether she is worried about his body being found. I also wonder if his body is in the backpack she had at the beginning of the trip to Florida when she got on the bus. Maybe she ditched it along the way somewhere. I am still however, praying that just maybe she did give him away or something and praying that he will be found alive. He is such a beautiful boy. How could she not love this gift from God?

  2. aletheamarinanova says:

    We don’t know for certain that he is dead but his fate doesn’t look good. I wonder if they might charge her with murder even if no body is found. It wouldn’t be unheard of. Harder to prosecute, but not impossible.

  3. tina says:

    I feel hopeful that they will find this cute little baby now. seems its finally coming together, especially with the help of the renowned investigator and little gabes family is on it heavy. shpuldnt be much longer. I think the last pics were taken intentionally. I think she kept him up extra late and he was exhausted so that when she text logan her horror story, the pics would convince him that the baby was dead. I do think he is alive and will be found. I wonder why jack wasnt arrested too or is he next?

  4. Hilde says:

    aletheamarinanova~~ Everything You pointed out is correct. From what we do know at this time about
    this Case doesn’t look very good. Whatever happened to Baby Gabriel did happen after the Babysitter left that Day on Dec. 26,2009.
    What we also know is there were no Plans whatsoever for Elizabeth to keep Gabriel and go into Hiding with him from Logan. Elizabeth was planning to go on with her Life without Gabriel, her precious little Boy.
    I also wonder if she indeed would have given Gabriel to that Couple she said she did, I would think they would have come forward by now with all the Media
    Attention going on and every one looking for Gabriel. Also if there would have been an Adoption, it was done illegal, the Father was not notified. Did she sell Gabriel? So many Questions and so little Answers.
    Where is Gabriel? What did happen to him?
    Again Elizabeth has the Answers everyone is looking for, why in the World can no one make her talk, I just don’t understand! JMO

  5. Michelle78412 says:

    I’m curios where and when she was spotted with these people. Was this when she was in San Antonio? The baby- sitter said that she did go out for two or three hours for ‘a meeting’. She was dressed inappropriatley for any job interview ( the sitter aid she wore high- heels, tight jeans and a low- cut shirt… more like clubbing- although it was 11am. What do you think?

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Hi Michelle. The details haven’t been made known yet but I will report them as soon as I hear. I have wondered about that meeting too. Weird. If it was to set up the child to be given to someone, why would she dress like that? Or does she always dress like that? Maybe she just went shopping that day and got her nails done. Maybe Gabriel was going to be gone soon and she was shopping for clothes for her ‘new life’ without a child.

  6. aletheamarinanova says:

    Good morning Hilde. I too would like to think that he is fine. However, evidence shows that he is not in good hands or in Heaven. Elizabeth’s family has been quoted as saying that she never really wanted to be a mother and look how she tried to give her child to some woman that she met in an airport. Then we have the evidence given by the Craig’s List babysitter who says Elizabeth told her to give her child more medicine to “shut him up” if he cries, and the photos of Gabriel with a medicine dropper in his hand. Then she says she gave her boy to some strangers in a park and now there is no sign of him. Had she given him to a decent couple (for whatever reason) they would have come forward by now.

    I have to express myself about the babysitter. I feel that her lack of reporting what she saw to CPS is a turning point in that child’s life. She had an opportunity to make a call and says she thought about it. She didn’t call. I remember being eighteen and maybe I was also not together mentally enough to make that call but I sure wish she had done it.

  7. aletheamarinanova says:

    That’s true Sophie. If Gabriel was sold into human trafficking, we can -in a sense- also assume he is dead because, most likely, he would be abused. Many children are bought and sold for sexual purposes. A fate like death.

  8. sophie says:

    They need to assume this baby is deceased and do a body search. If he’s alive, he’ll turn up eventually. But if he’s dead, his body will decompose and become another Haleigh, with no evidence to aid in his mothers conviction.

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