Investigators Set to Begin Large Scale Excavation of Landfill To Look For Baby Gabriel

“Investigators cordoning off the Tessman Road Landfill, located just 12 miles from the San Antonio motel where Gabriel is last seen alive. Cops confirm evidence and information obtained during the course of the investigation leading them straight to the landfill.”

Gabriel Johnson

Gabriel Johnson

“We do know Johnson allegedly told the biological father, Logan McQueary, she killed the baby, stuffed him in a diaper bag and threw him in a dumpster. Is this connected to the search at the landfill?”

“And in another development, we learn the would-be adoptive parents, Jack and Tammi Smith, considered persons of interest because police say they are withholding information that could help find Gabriel, hire a high-profile criminal and death penalty attorney. The Smiths had previously given numerous interviews about the case, but they are reportedly being advised to quit speaking to the media about the investigation. Are detectives now building a case against the Smiths?” ~CNN

Source: CNN Nancy Grace

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3 Responses to Investigators Set to Begin Large Scale Excavation of Landfill To Look For Baby Gabriel

  1. aletheamarinanova says:

    That could be, but why would she do this if she knew this would implicate her for murder? She certainly seemed to want a free lifestyle –free of the child. She did not want to be locked up for murder.

  2. tina says:

    I still say that she kept the baby from sleeping and causing him to look that way so that when she sent her horror text of his little dead blue body, then she could add the pics to make it look more convincing

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Tina, why would she set herself up to be imprisoned? It might lead to her being convicted of murder –even without a body.

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