Tammi Smith in Baby Gabriel Case: “God is With Me”

Tammi Smith is out of jail this morning. She was picked up by her husband Jack. Tammi has reportedly said,  “It doesn’t mean those charges are gonna stick. It doesn’t mean those charges are true. But nevertheless, they were able to do that ’cause they’re the guys with the guns,”

But yesterday, as Tammi Smith was being brought to jail, she allegedly told a reporter, Corey Rangel, “We all knew this was going to happen. I am innocent and God is with me.”

This Feb. 2, 2010 booking photo provided by the Tempe Police Department shows Tammi Smith, 37, of Scottsdale, Ariz. She was arrested Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2010, at her home on charges of custodial interference, conspiracy to commit custodial interference and forgery. Smith and her husband Jack Smith have been considered

Tammi Smith, 37, booking photo

According to reports, Smith is being charged with the following:

1. Conspiracy to Commit Custodial Interference (A class four felony)
2. Custodial Interference (A Class four felony)
3. Forgery (A Class four felony)

Authorities are saying that her husband, Jack Smith, is no longer considered a person of interest in the case of the little boy, now being referred to by many as “baby Gabriel.” Jack Smith says he is outraged about the charges against his wife Tammi. He says that he and his wife have been fully cooperating with police.

“I feel betrayed because we have done everything,” said Jack Smith. “I feel so bullied right now. I feel like there’s a bully in the yard that’s doing everything they can to try to provoke me into something.”

Nine-month-old Gabriel was last seen on the day after Christmas with his mother, Elizabeth Johnson, who remains in jail on several charges. Elizabeth has reportedly told the father of baby Gabriel that she killed their child.

Although the arrest of Smith brought new hope that Gabriel would be found alive, police still say, “It is a very real possibility that Elizabeth killed Gabriel.”

Sources: ktar.com


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15 Responses to Tammi Smith in Baby Gabriel Case: “God is With Me”

  1. knight owl says:

    Patti, your post is sooooo right on the mark. I wonder how she got the other child she adopted. My guess the same way she was trying to get Gabriel. She thought she was being smart by getting on NG, Geraldo and i don’t know if she got on more media or not but i saw her on these two, but alas running that mouth of hers was stupid from the get go. I knew she and hubby Jack were not to be trusted after hearing them the first time on NG. She is caught now and i bet a lot more comes out on her as well as Jack. I hope the bio Dad sues her and hubby for slander and illegally trying to steal his child.

    • Patti S. says:

      F.Y.I. Interesting Reading
      Tammi Smith’s “RELEASE QUESTIONNAIRE”:

      1) #7, Page 2
      2) Summary of Tammi Smith’s Involvement, Pages 3 & 4

      • aletheamarinanova says:

        Thank you Patti! Interesting indeed. Oh what a tangled web Tammi Smith appears to have woven.

    • Patti S. says:

      knight owl, below is alleged info. on how she got first child, and how she allegedly lost custody of three of her biological children from first marriage.
      From: http://framedfathers.blogspot.com posted Friday February 5, 2010:
      “What many haven’t realized is that there is another situation that may have been manipulated by the Smiths involving another child and possible kidnapping and/or “forged” adoption. Travis Warford, ex son in law of Jack Smith claims/alleges that he was stripped of his parental rights to his daughter involving possibly the same adoption specialist involved in the Baby Gabriel case, Janet Morris. Grandfather Jack Smith now has custody through a possible abduction and “forged” and/or manipulated illegal adoption of Mr. Warfords daughter. If this is true, the Smith’s may well be in deeper than they realize in illegal activity, or maybe they just believe they are above the law. Their actions in both of these cases make them highly suspicious of being not just concerned citizens as they claim to be. It is my personal opinion that the Smith’s are very quickly proving themselves criminal and/or UNFIT TO PARENT!!!!! Tammi Smith has already lost custody of three of her own children and many wonder what the circumstances behind that “child custody issue” were”.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      I missed Nancy Grace on Friday night, but I don’t think she mentioned Tammi Smith did she?

  2. sophie says:

    Well, if she ‘knew all along this would happen’ then she must be guilty of something.

  3. Patti S. says:

    Have you read the details of the things Tammy Smith has said and done? It’s appalling! Just looking at her in this photo is disturbing.

    An honest, caring person would have immediately contacted authorities, which she could havedone when she had the baby physically for two weeks. If she had, they could have intervened before it came to this horrible tragedy, but she chose to be selfish, and get off on trying to control the mother, an obviously young, unstable, mentally ill girl. She should have been more worried in trying to get the baby away from Elizabeth Johnson-which anyone else can see.
    I think “control” was more important to her then the baby really was. She had stated, she put Elizabeth Johnson in touch with an agency from out of state too. She isn’t so “cocky” now-is she? She has suddenly become humble and stated she’s the victim-“please”, and her husband seems so stupid in all of this!
    I can’t believe all the things she is charged with doing. She is probably guilty of intimidating and blackmailing the poor baby’s father with the baby’s life at stake i.e. bribery, bullying, e-mails & telephone calls to Gabriel’s father, and a Judge too, falsifying court documents and God only knows who else and what else she said or did that antagonized the mother further. When she made statements on TV with no facts to back it up, she appeared to me to actually be enjoying every minute of it too. If she isn’t directly involved more, I do believe, she is surely to blame indirectly by her actions, lack of action, and assisting/supporting Elizabeth Johnson behaviour.
    If this is what we do know, who knows what else she was saying to Elizabeth Johnson who was alone with the baby, behaving erratic, agitated, and unpredictable. I hope she gets in alot of trouble, and is shown by our legal system what she has done, since she doesn’t seem to think she did anything wrong playing with a baby’s life and other people’s lives.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Ho Patti. I have not had the time to read the details but you are right, she did seem to enjoy her spotlight instead of feeling shame and sadness for her part in allowing that little boy to remain with his mother and not be given back to his father, or at least the courts for deciding where Gabriel should go.

      You are right, I did not think about it until now, but the role of the Smiths in this directly contributed to the disappearance and possible death of Gabriel.

      What’s scary is that this was a random couple Elizabeth met in an airport and they participated to this extent. It shows how many people out there are NOT respectable, responsible, good intentioned human beings.

  4. knight owl says:

    The Smith’s are not being bullied by anyone. They tried to get Gabriel by lieing and trying to falsify who Baby Gabriel’s father really was by trying to say it was Tammy’s cousin when in reality her cousin had never even met Elizabeth. No one that is credible would take the word of a babies Mother about the babies Dad when the Mother is trying to give the baby away without the Father’s knowledge and consent of any kind. Who just meets up with someone and says, here take my baby? That is pure ludicrous. Tammy and Jack had they been on the up and up would have contacted police immediately. Had they done that then Baby Gabriel might be home with his Dad safe today. Tammy is in for a big shock as her charges will indeed stick.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      I agree Knight Owl. They are not victims in this case. In my opinion, their actions contributed to anything terrible that might have happened to Gabriel.

  5. aletheamarinanova says:

    Hilde, I think they needed to trace which landfill and it took a long time to get a hold of all the surveillance tapes, GPS tracking systems etc., in order to figure out which landfill. I think that landfills can be HUGE in some cities, so maybe they needed to pin down the exact one first. On the other hand, maybe this is a ploy to get Elizabeth to start talking. Maybe they feel that if she confesses before they find a body, it will help their case and everyone involved.

  6. Ideas says:

    Jack is right. They are being bullied. The police just want to cover everything. Elizabeth isn’t talking, so these two are the only ones left to bully.

    I think they wanted to help Elizabeth, but she gave them the slip. Maybe their worst crime here is trying to help someone by skirting the system while believing everything Elizabeth was saying about Logan.

    We still have not heard anything about this Logan to see if anything Elizabeth was saying about him has any grounds, or if she was just being 100% spiteful.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      I read this morning that police say that Logan has been a victim in all of this. I think that with all the people involved in the case, this information is probably true, because if Logan were abusive or unfit, someone in the case would have come forward by now with evidence of that.

  7. mikka says:

    tammy is so wrong,god is with her?i think NOT!!i dont get people who lie,when a childs life is on the line!

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