Baby Gabriel’s Father Hires Private Eye to Find His Boy

“EL PASO, Texas — Just moments after Tammi Smith was released from jail for allegedly conspiring to take custody of Gabriel Johnson away from his father, Logan McQueary, she lashed out at McQueary for waiting so long to join the search for his son.McQueary set out this week for San Antonio, the last place Gabriel was seen, before his mother, Elizabeth Johnson, either killed the boy or simply gave him away to strangers.

On Wednesday, McQueary said he has grown tired of Smith and her attempts to play the victim.“It’s nothing new, she’s done it the whole time,“ said McQueary.At times, Smith blamed her troubles on Johnson, the woman police say she plotted with to steal Gabriel away from his father. Other times, she’s blamed Tempe police, Johnson’s grandfather Bob Johnson, and now fresh out of jail, she’s focused her ire at the father of the missing boy.“She keeps saying that she wants this all to be about Gabriel, but every chance she gets she bad mouths me, she doesn’t even know me,” said McQueary.Smith is accused of trying to rip custody of Gabriel away from McQueary.

Elizabeth Johnson, 8-month-old Gabriel Johnson

And now, while he’s on the road searching for his boy, Smith questioned why it took him so long.“The Tempe Police Department requested that we stay there so they could help us with the investigation. They wanted me to stay there and they said you need to stay here. If they hadn’t of said that, I would have already been gone and on the road,” said McQueary. As soon as he got the go ahead, McQueary left for San Antonio, the last place Gabriel was spotted. He still thinks Tammi Smith knows more than she is saying, but wishes she would talk to fewer cameras and more to the police.“She can say anything she wants, I don’t care, I don’t care about her. I think she’s making a fool of herself,” said McQueary.McQueary actually spent most of Wednesday meeting with private investigator Jay J. Armes. Armes has agreed to take on the case free of charge. McQueary will meet with him again on Thursday morning before hitting the road again. He plans to meet with San Antonio investigators on Friday.”


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