Baby Gabriel’s Father Feels His Son Might Be Alive, New Clues Reported

“Baby Gabriel’s father says two locations in San Antonio where Elizabeth Johnson and Gabriel were last spot spotted lead him to believe that the baby was adopted.

Logan McQueary says the first spot is the Homegate Hotel, where Johnson stayed. The Mcqueary family says they’ve talked to adoption experts, who say that the hotel is a well-known location in adoption circles.

Agencies put girls up here for meetings with families.

The second clue that baby Gabriel may have been adopted is that Johnson and Gabriel were spotted on surveillance footage outside the Six Flags on one of the last days the baby was seen.

Despite these clues, the San Antonio Police Department plans to search the landnfill for the baby’s body as soon as the weather cooperates.”


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2 Responses to Baby Gabriel’s Father Feels His Son Might Be Alive, New Clues Reported

  1. aletheamarinanova says:

    I hear your desire for hope Hilde, but I personally don’t hope that he is alive rather than in the arms of God. I would hate to think of Gabriel suffering terrible abuse, sexual or otherwise, at the hands of someone Elizabeth sold him son to. The fact that any adoptive parents have not come forward yet makes me think that -if they exist- they are not good people.

    I hope Gabriel is with angels…either in Heaven or with loving people. But if he is with loving people, how could they possible have not come forward?

  2. Hilde says:

    I would like to believe there is a Chance for Baby
    Gabriel to be alive.
    It just makes me wonder why would the Police have missed that Information Gabriel’s Father found out.
    I hope to God Baby Gabriel was adopted, it would be heartbreaking for Logan but at least little Gabriel would be alive.
    If Gabriel was adopted I have another Question, why in the World wouldn’t the adoptive Parents come forward,
    surely they must know every one is looking for that precious little Boy. Just doesn’t make any Sense to me.

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