New Clues in Baby Gabriel Case: Pizza Delivery Man Says Johnson Was Acting “Skittish”

Yet another person who felt something was wrong with Elizabeth Johnson but did not alert authorities…

Elizabeth Johnson, 8-month-old Gabriel Johnson

“Tabor Morris, a pizza delivery driver at Papa John’s, says he delivered food to Johnson while she was staying at the Homegate Hotel.

“She was real skittish, she kept the door closed. I think she gave me a $5 or $6 tip. Really nice lady. I think that’s why I pretty much remember her,” said Morris.

She may have soon slipped his mind if not for the flier posted in the restaurant. He produced a receipt to CBS 5 News from Dec. 21 with the name Elizabeth and her room No. 150.

“She pretty much handed me the money and didn’t let me look in the room. Didn’t let me look or anything like that. I could tell something was wrong. She was real skittish acting,” said Morris.”

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