News Reports: San Antonio Couple “Vowed no one would ever know” Baby Gabriel In a Few Years. Couple To Stay In Hiding

According to a news report, Tammi Smith says Elizabeth Johnson gave baby Gabriel to a San Antonio couple “who vowed no one would ever know.” Smith has reportedly stated that the couple will stay in hiding and that they “assured Johnson no one would recognize the young boy after a few years.”

The couple has been described by Johnson as Caucasians in their mid-thirties.

(Tempe Police Department)

Logan McQueary, who is still searching for his 9-month-old son Gabriel, fears that the boy might have been sold into an underground adoption ring. However, Logan is still hopeful that he will find his child alive. On Sunday, he met with an adoption expert who consults with the FBI in underground adoptions, and according to CBS affiliate KPHO, Logan learned some startling things. Apparently, The Homegate Hotel, where Elizabeth Johnson stayed in San Antonio, is known as a place where young girls arrange to meet with families to discuss adoption and to complete paperwork.

Elizabeth and Gabriel were also spotted on surveillance footage outside a Six Flags amusement park in San Antonio. According to an experts in the case, “…girls go to Six Flags to meet with the adoptive family. There’s a lot of people in and out there, and there’s also security there, and it’s a safe place for both the mother and the family to meet, often to bring the child, introduce the child to the family.”

Reports say that two days prior to Elizabeth being seen on camera at Six Flags, she commented on her MySpace page, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” and “Excited to start my new life.”


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9 Responses to News Reports: San Antonio Couple “Vowed no one would ever know” Baby Gabriel In a Few Years. Couple To Stay In Hiding

  1. laurali1 says:

    I must be getting old because I do not understand these young mothers thinking they can just start a new life by getting rid of their children. I believe in adoption I do not believe in murdering your own child. I also think what she is doing to this baby’s father is more then spiteful, it is down right cruel.

  2. aletheamarinanova says:

    I think you’re right Lori.

    Can you imagine the emotional distress that baby is suffering from if he is with some creepy people? God I hate to think of what is happening to him. If he was with good people, I feel they would have handed him over by now. There is ZERO evidence that Logan is abusive or unfit.

  3. Hilde says:

    Boston~~I like reading Your Comments, You make a lot of Sense. I agree with You, anyway You look at it, Elizabeth Johnson will call Jail or Prison
    her Home for a long time to come.

    • Boston says:

      Hilde-Even if they find that darling baby Ms Elizabeth is looking a considerable jail time for interfering with custody of Gabriel and kidnapping charges. I think the boyfriend should take her to civil court and get whatever damages he can relative to the emotional distress she caused him. Even when she gets out of prison she would still have that hanging over her head. Her wages could be garnished until the settlement is paid. She’ll regret she ever said she placed his “little blue body in a bag” no matter if the child is dead or alive. There are consequences to everything.

  4. Boston says:

    It’ll be hard for anyone to recognize Elizabeth after a few years in prison -she’ll be pasty white and enjoying the starchy foods and her hair will be changing colors and all the while she’ll never have a chance to change her shoes or slip into something more comfortable or fill out a change of address label at the post office. If they find this darling child dead or alive “she ain’t going nowhere soon”.

  5. Hilde says:

    Honestly I still like to believe Baby Gabriel is alive and maybe Elizabeth Johnson did adopt little Gabriel out illegally. As heartbreaking as that would be at least the Baby would still be alive.
    At the same time I do have a sick feeling in my Stomach that tells me little Gabriel is no longer alive.
    It is beyond me how a Mother could do that to her own Child, but anymore we see it all the time.
    For the time being I will keep on hoping Gabriel is alive and well taken care of, God knows he can’t take care of himself.
    Hopefully the Baby can be found soon, I hope it won’t be in the Landfill they are searching at this time.
    My Prayers are with that precious little Boy and I hope that Angels are looking over him wherever he might be at this time.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Good morning Hilde. I just don’t understand -if baby G is with a decent couple who would never harm him- then why would Elizabeth keep herself in jail and why would the couple not come forward?

      I too hope the angels are watching over him, wherever he may be.

      • Boston says:

        Alethea-I am sure they are. All we can do now is pray for that darling child and hope that whoever has him is caring for him. It didn’t look good on Nancy Grace last night. Apparently the trucks are out in a local landfill. Terribly sad.

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