Gabriel Johnson: Evidence Points To Murder

“Sources have revealed to KENS 5 that when Elizabeth Johnson vacated her hotel room at the Homegate Inn & Suites in late December, she left behind all of her son’s personal belongings. But there reportedly was one item investigators could not find: a green diaper bag that  belonged to Gabriel Johnson. Of course, the 8-month-old was missing too.”

If she adopted little Gabriel out, why would she not give all, or some of, Gabriel’s baby items to the people who took him? The green diaper bag is missing. Elizabeth allegedly told the baby’s father that she killed Gabriel and put him in a bag.

Gabriel Johnson

“That’s where sources said police are looking for a green diaper bag or suitcase that could contain the child’s body. San Antonio police have called the case both a missing person case and a capital murder investigation.”

At this point, I would say it is a murder.

“Sources said police did find witnesses who saw Johnson shopping without Gabriel the day she abandoned her grandfather’s vehicle at a south-side Motel 6. Investigators say that’s when she used a fake last name to buy a bus ticket to Miami, Florida. Sources said the child did not make the trip. Johnson was arrested on child custody charges in Florida….Plus, investigators allegedly believe the missing child’s story garnered so much national media attention that it’s peculiar that they have not received any reports of sightings of Gabriel. As a result, investigators reportedly think the child really could be a capital murder victim and unthinkably was tossed away like garbage.”

What causes a mother, any mother, to come to a point to be able to strangle, butcher or suffocate the life out of an innocent little child? Their own child? What is wrong with humanity? Why are humans so evil?

Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson


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5 Responses to Gabriel Johnson: Evidence Points To Murder

  1. Desertsage says:

    I truly believe she handed the baby over to the under ground world of adoption. According to authorities her money situation did not add up. She had to run into some money along the way.

    I still think that she handed him off to a baby broker at a different location. She did not want to be caught with out diapers. I don’t think a baby broker would want to mess around with belongings. The only thing this slime would want is the baby. I pray this little guy is alive.

    Elizabeths story about meeting a couple is probabley a lie to throw everybody off. I don’t believe she just ran into a couple who took the baby off her hands.

    But you are so right aletheamarinanova who knows what creepy people have him. Some people are sooo desperate for a child they would be willing to pay a baby broker big bucks. The baby broker is the one who makes the profit here. All he cares about is turning the baby for a huge profit. He probabley gave Elizabeth very little money compared to what he made. This is just one theory. I hope he is alive!!

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      You make some excellent points Desert Sage. I just hope that the little guy isn’t in the hands of human traffickers or child molesters.

  2. Ideas says:

    That’s interesting that the diaper bag was gone, however, in handing a child over to adoptive parents, there would still be diapers or something that could be passed along.

    I, too, would think Gabriel was murdered and put in the bag, except for all the info about the underground adoption meeting places. I think he would be easily adoptable. I think she would only kill him if she despaired with being stuck with him.

  3. Desertsage says:

    We can only pray when she handed off her son to the newly “adopted” couple she took Gabriel and the green bag with her. Maybe they met at a different location when she handed him over and she did not want to be stuck with out diapers. She may have threw away the bag after she handed him off.

    As for the other baby stuff it sounds as though she didn’t want to be bothered with any of his personal stuff. Some people would rather buy new things than deal with the old stuff.I pray he is alive.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      I hope you are correct DesertSage, but anyone who has the money to buy all new things for the child would probably also be people who would turn him over.

      The boy’s belongings being left behind suggest that he was given to an underground adoption agency that would do -God knows what- with the child, or that he is no longer on this earth.

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