GPS Tracking System Stolen From the Car of Baby Gabriel’s Dad

“It is beginning to read like a mystery thriller, a Lifetime movie, this search for Baby Gabriel Johnson, especially now that the father, who has set off on a cross-country retracing of the route that the mother took to San Antonio with his 8-month-old son, has become the victim of a suspicious burglary in the Texas city. Some believe that Logan McQueary may have stirred up some of the underground element that deals in human trafficking and/or illegal baby adoptions in the area by asking questions about his missing son. Because it does seem strange that the thief (or thieves) that broke into McQueary’s vehicle took only one thing and left other items that might be considered valuable. The thief (or thieves) took a GPS system.

…it was common knowledge that Logan McQueary was retracing the route taken by Elizabeth Johnson in late December. It was also known that McQueary was using the coordinates gathered from the GPS system in Elizabeth Johnson’s vehicle. And Logan McQueary had been asking around about illegally adopting babies in San Antonio…

Could the thief (or thieves) have thought they were protecting themselves by taking McQueary’s GPS, not knowing that he was following the coordinates of a GPS (and that the GPS was not the original with Johnson’s coordinates)? Could the thief (or thieves) have been trying to protect whoever has Baby Gabriel Johnson? The theft is suspicious in that bags of luggage and portable radios sitting in the truck’s seats were left undisturbed. ”

Source: Associated Content

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7 Responses to GPS Tracking System Stolen From the Car of Baby Gabriel’s Dad

  1. knight owl says:

    Hi Alethea, i think the chances of Logan’s GPS System being the only thing stolen for the reason someone just wanted to rip off the GPS would be about one in a million. Whoever it was in my opinion was trying to thwart his mission. Whoever did this makes me think they have the same brain capacity as the Croslin’s and Cumming’s. I do hope Logan has the original GPS.

  2. Hilde says:

    yes it is indeed suspicious at the same time it could be just a coincident and someone just thought it would be cool to steal a GPS just for the Heck of it.Anymore anything is possible,some People steal just about anything to make a Buck.

  3. Hilde says:

    alethea~~I also appreciate it for You to keep us informed about this Case.
    I have been following it from Day One and hope that there will be a Break in this Case very soon.
    Looking at what we know so far I must honestly say it doesn’t look good. I try my hardest to believe little Gabriel will be found alive, I just don’t know if that is feasible.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      You’re welcome Hilde! One thing is for sure, that little angel boy is loved by so many people –even by those who have never met him.

  4. aussie777 says:

    thanks for all the updates on this case!

  5. aussie777 says:

    wow..very suspicious, indeed. If I read correctly, he still does have the original gps system that shows where the mother has been, right?

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