Phillip Garrido Wants to See Jaycee Lee and Their Children

Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped over eighteen years ago. She was eleven. She was snatched off the street while waiting for the bus to go to school. At that moment, her life ended as she knew it. According to prosecutors, her kidnappers, Phillip and Nancy Garrido, held her captive for the next eighteen years, during which time they say, she was raped repeatedly and gave birth to two of her rapist’s children.

Look at the contrast in these two souls. One evil and ugly. The other, sweet and innocent.

The defense team for Phillip Garrido has filed a motion requesting to know where Jaycee Lee Dugard is staying. Jaycee Lee has made it known that she wants her privacy and does not want any contact with her kidnappers or their attorneys.

Phillip Garrido is claiming that he and his wife, their victim and her children, were all a “family” who engaged in celebrations, vacations, and visits to the library. He says he has a right to the visitation of his children. Well Mr. Rapist/Kidnapper, Jaycee Lee had a right to her life. She had a right to have control over her future, a right to be with her biological family. Jaycee Lee had a right to give up her virginity or not, to whomever she chose, and a right to give birth if, and when she chose, and by whom. You Phillip Garrido gave up your rights when you chose to kidnap and rape a child for eighteen years.

A protective order has been filed in ordered to keep the defendants away from Jaycee Lee and her children.

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  1. Cati says:

    This is just outrageous…

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