Interesting Article on Gabriel Johnson: New Clues?

“Gabriel’s mother, Elizabeth Johnson is clearly an inveterate liar.  Before she ever left with Gabriel, she told Tempe police that the boy’s father, Logan McQueary, had kidnapped him.  Tempe police charged her with filing a false police report in that incident. Johnson also lied to the family court in documents filed in the custody case against McQueary.  She claimed that either McQueary or a man named Craig Cherry might be Gabriel’s father.  But it turned out that Cherry had never met Johnson.  Both her brother and her father disbelieve Johnson’s story about leaving Gabriel with a couple in a park in San Antonio.”

Well, that ends my last faint hope of thinking that Elizabeth would actually have given baby Gabriel to good people who are giving him nothing but love, shelter, nourishment and protection.

“And while we’re on the subject of those for whom the truth is too big a burden, Tammi Smith facilitated Johnson’s lie about Cherry.  Indeed, given that Cherry is related to Smith, it seems likely that she suggested the name to Johnson to use in her false filing with the court….But what really got my attention in this article was this (ABC15, 1/15/10):  “In a Facebook message posted by Tammi on December 23, she said,

“Please keep praying for Gabriel and his Mommy’s safety on the road!  She has found underground help in TX that has given her formula/diapers, etc. and all the legal formalities… Keep praying for his safety.

Appearing on the Nancy Grace show again Friday, Tammi said the message was directed at Gabriel’s father.

At first she mentioned that it was a domestic violence shelter, and she had used the word ‘underground’ maybe once in the conversation,” said Tammi.  “And instead of saying ‘domestic violence,’ I didn’t want that to make Logan think that he was violent towards her.”

“Let’s see.  Johnson found “underground help” in Texas which just may have been a domestic violence shelter.  Hmm.  The plot, already thick, thickens more.  She got help with “formula/diapers… and all the legal formalities.”  Can I envision Johnson going to a DV shelter, telling them she’s been abused by McQueary, telling them she’s too young to raise this child and needs to find adoptive parents?  Yes, I believe I can.  Can I imagine the kind folks at the DV shelter facilitating everything to separate the father from his child?  Yes, that too.  Do I believe that the DV shelter had available to it not only some legal documents, but adults willing to take a child via a none-too official process?  Yes.”…

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