Court Orders Two Young Girls To Spend Weekends With Sex Offender Father

In Australia, Judge Robert Benjamin, has ruled that although the girls would be at risk at night, they would be less likely to be sexually abused during the day when they are “awake and alert.”

I am continually blown away at the absolute ignorance and incompetence of some judges. How do they manage to get through law school when they are so stupid?

“Judge Benjamin said that the father, who was convicted of downloading child pornography, must have an “adult friend” stay with him when the girls stayed overnight.”

An adult “friend?” Oh, like one of his child porn buddies?

“He added that until the youngest turned 14, the girls must “share the same room so they can have the mutual support of one another.”

So while the two girls are being sexually molested at the same time, they can sympathize with one another and console each other afterward?

“A Family Court counselor said that the girls, aged ten and eight, “are at an age and maturity when awake, dressed and together it would be unlikely the father would act inappropriately toward them.”

Wow! Another ignorant nincompoop working for the family court system has been put in charge of protecting children. Do these people know anything at all about child sexual abuse? Have they taken the time to educate themselves for two minutes to learn that, not only do sexual predators stalk and attack children when they have clothes on, but that every day, children are molested and raped while they are awake?

These two girls are sitting ducks thanks to the court system. Eight and ten year-old girls will do what their father tells them to do. They are still at a vulnerable age where the father has control mentally and physically.

“The case has outraged women’s groups, who say it puts the girls at risk to satisfy the father’s desire to see them. The eldest girl has told counselors that she was afraid to stay overnight with her father.”

These two children have been made vulnerable and allowed to go through fear in order to satisfy the needs of a convicted sex offender. This father lost his rights when he chose to film images of child pornography on his computer and to create links and shortcuts to child pornography websites. He has no right to see his children anymore, especially if they do not want to be alone with him. It was also reported that he had invited one of the girls into his bed at one time and had “demonstrated affection toward her in a way that was, in all the circumstances, inappropriate for a child of that age.” He has ZERO rights to be with his children.

The family court system and the judge in this case are nothing short of aiding in sexual abuse and putting children in danger. The judge or the family court worker might even be sexual predators themselves, or have thought about it. Only a deviant mind can come up with this nonsense about the children being “safer” when they are dressed and walking around the house.


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