Baby Gabriel’s Dad Awarded Custody, Gabriel’s Mother Cries in Court

“A Maricopa County Superior Court Judge awarded custody of still-missing baby Gabriel Johnson to the boy’s father in a hearing Friday morning. Logan McQueary will take custody of the baby if he is ever found.

The child’s mother, Elizabeth Johnson, refused to answer any questions from Judge Michael McVey or McQueary’s attorney about where Gabriel is. She began to cry on the stand when McVey asked who she gave the boy to and whether she has any information about Gabriel’s safety.

Gabriel will turn 1 year old on May 3, but Johnson has refused to say if the child is alive or where he is.

Johnson has been indicted on charges of kidnapping, child abuse, conspiracy to commit custodial interference and custodial interference. She refused to answer any questions about Gabriel’s whereabouts to avoid incriminating herself on those criminal charges.

McQueary’s attorney, Craig Mehrens, asked McVey to find Johnson in contempt for violating his December ruling that awarded visitation rights to McQueary. McVey set a hearing for April 28 to review the contempt allegation. Mehrens said McVey could order Johnson to produce the baby, or force her to remain in jail in contempt of court until she does.”

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10 Responses to Baby Gabriel’s Dad Awarded Custody, Gabriel’s Mother Cries in Court

  1. SUSAN says:

    These poor babies!!! What the ___ is wrong with people?

  2. knight owl says:

    I love that Login was awarded custody of his son and that in itself was why Elizabeth was crying, she cannot stand that Login won and has sole custody, so even though i do not believe Gabriel is alive it had to have killed Elizabeth’s black soul to know she lost custody to the Dad as she never wanted that to happen. Elizabeth best get geared up for the next rouond as Login is gonna win that one too. Login is after blood now and Elizabeth has no escape route.

  3. knight owl says:

    Elizabeth can only have one reason in my opinion for remaining silent, she killed Gabriel, otherwise why not tell where he is? If he were still alive she would still face jail time but not as severe as she stands to face now. It is the only thing that makes any sense to me.

    I agree with you Alethea in watching her on the video she does seem more like a scared little girl, and scared she should be as she is in a heap of trouble. To look at her in the video you would never think she could be so cold and heinous to her own beautiful baby and be the monster she really is to torture the babies Father like she has and continues to do. Behind her scared little girl face really lies a cold vicious non caring for anyone but herself selfish Brat. I feel so sorry that beautiful sweet Gabriel had such as her kind for his Mother and i feel so incredibly sorry for Login having to not know what has happened to his son. Elizabeth has no idea what fear is as she is going to prison and that is not like county jail. She has her reckoning day coming and she is going to deserve every second of it.

  4. aletheamarinanova says:

    Hi Hilde. It is a confusing case. She won’t talk, not even in her own defense, which is weird. It’s not like she is a protective loving mother trying to shield her child from a bad daddy. It’s not that at all. So we have to ask ourselves, why is she not talking?

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Thanks again Lona. The forensic psychologist said Elizabeth Johnson didn’t appear interested in Gabriel but is she basing this on something we have not seen? I don’t see a woman who wasn’t interested in her boy. I saw a woman who was more like a child than anything. I mean, we all know she isn’t interested in the well-being of her son but the video footage from court that I saw depicted a scared little girl.

      I fully agree with the doctor that Johnson’s behavior indicates that her primary concern is not her son, but her own fate, but I don’t see a total disregard for Gabriel in the tape, only a woman who wanted to remain silent and get the hell out of there. Although, the fact that she remains silent is -in and of itself- a clear indication that cares nothing for helping authorities find the boy.

      I also agree that a level of control can be intoxicating to some people, but Johnson does not look strong and invigorated to me, she looks weak and tired.

  5. lona1 says:

    Here is the video from the court. It’s 5 or so minutes long and she takes the fifth. I think she is crazy!

  6. sophie says:

    Can you keep a person in jail for contempt of court for the remainder of their natural life if she doesn’t comply? I hope so.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      I don’t know Sophie, but it appears that, until her trial, she will remain in jail. There is no jury that will let her go free so I am sure she will do prison time. I don’t know how long they can give her. Nancy Grace has just stopped talking about this case. She usually has commentators and attorneys on her show who enlighten us on these matters. As it is, we are all left clueless.

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