Priest Admits Molesting Boys But Calls it ‘No Big Deal’

As a Catholic and an incest survivor, I am disgusted and appalled by the comments made by this man. I will not call him a priest.

“A German priest accused of sexually abusing teenage boys has said the church should have had supervisors in homes.”

He should have had a supervisor in his own brain. People who aren’t sexual degenerates don’t need supervising around kids. Anyone who does, shouldn’t be around kids!

“The priest, writing in The Times of London, said the allegations against him were made four weeks ago and he was forced to leave his church. He is now living in a monastery and said he did not “dare show my face.” He wrote that he had gone “too far” while looking after about 30 boys, aged 13 to 16, during the early to mid-1980s.”None of us had a supervisor, we were alone with the boys. Today I would say that was a mistake, not to have had a person there to supervise us,” the priest said in the article.”

Nothing but self-pity here, blaming others and minimizing his actions.

“Describing what happened, he continued: “At 10.30 p.m. I always did a walkabout, to check if everything was in order. That was my downfall, this proximity to the pupils.””So it happened, during my walkabouts, that for a while I sat on the bed of one of them if he happened to be awake. I talked to the boy, stroked the upper part of his body. And while doing so, sometimes, I kind of accidentally slipped deeper. It was not conscious, more like in passing,” he added.”

Here again, denial and downplaying child sexual abuse. He “accidentally” slipped deeper? I’m surprised he didn’t blame the children for being too cute.

He is correct in saying that it was more of an unconscious action because our subconscious drives the vast majority of what we do, say and think. However, we were also given a consciousness which allows us intelligent discrimination over our actions. This is what separates humans from beastly creatures.

“Sometimes I even apologized, but I didn’t make a fuss, anyway I felt the boys did not take it very badly,” he said. “It rather appeared to me as if it did them good that I cared for them. One said once: ‘It is not so bad.'”

He should speak with his victims now and see how “not very badly” they took it. Sexual abuse by a trusted and beloved priest is very close to the violation a child feels when they are sexually abused by a parent, and with a priest, the spiritual affects can be devastating. Many of those abused by priests lose their faith in God. Many boys abused by priests will become homosexual out of sexual confusion because their first sexual experience –which probably felt good- was with a man. I can guarantee that many of his victims have gone through terrible psychological, physical, emotional and sexual problems from the molestations.

“I don’t dare show my face where I used to live, I daren’t go on to the street. It’s not fellow priests I fear — they are very worried about me, though I expected they would blacklist me — it’s the public,” he wrote.”

More self-pity. Not one word about the damage he has caused those boys.

“The caller accused me of sexual abuse. That’s a very common term nowadays, you can imply everything with it: coincidental contact, conscious contact, all sort of different sexual practices. I don’t yet know the period to which the allegations refer.”

Sexual practices? The child was not a willing participant. The boys were sexually violated and he calls it “sex.” It was child sexual abuse and the fact that this man masqueraded as a priest and gave Mass and Holy Communion makes me sick. The first thing that a priest is taught is how to give up the self —how to live a life of abstinence and to love God and others above self. All this man has done is call what he did ‘no big deal’ and wallow in self-pity. “Woe’s me.”

“Only years later did it occur to me that I had crossed the line. Most of us work until we reach 75. Where will I live in the future? I cannot go back. I left all my friends,” he added.”

Bullshit. Because he said in an earlier paragraph that, at the time of the abuse, he apologized to some of his victims. So he knew damn well that what he was doing was wrong.

“The priest concluded: “Today I just sit, every day I sit, in the monastery, where they received me very generously. I read, I pray and I worry about the future. And in between I cry often.”

Does he cry for himself or for his victims? This article indicates that his tears are for himself. He should be down on his knees at the Altar of God crying for his victims and expressing sorrow over what he has done to them and their relationship with God.

Given that the mainstream news media has a hatred of religion, especially Catholicism, it is possible that they left out any mention of remorse for the victims, but the statements made in this article are indicative of a man who has no shame over what he has done and only cares about his own self-survival. This would make him a beast, not a man. Certainly not a priest.

MSNBC “Priest Describes Abusing Boys: I Went Too Far”

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