Private Investigator Says Baby Gabriel is Alive

According to FOX News, a private investigator in the Gabriel Johnson case has broken his silence.

Ken Gamble, hired by Logan McQueary, says he has evidence that Elizabeth Johnson did not murder her child. Gamble feels she truly did give her boy to a couple in a San Antonio, Texas park.

Gamble says, “We have been able to confirm through the investigation so far that this is the park where Elizabeth handed the baby to a couple.” He continues by saying the information is “supported by her own handwritten notes in her journal.  She wrote down directions to the park…she arrived..the couple was already sitting in the park so we now know they were sitting at one of those tables..they immediately got up and they greeted her.  They said something to her which we are not revealing at this point to identify themselves.”

Gamble is seeking help from the citizens of San Antonio. He is asking anyone to come forward who may have seen the meeting take place. Gamble is confident that the couple will be tracked down.

Baby Gabriel, may you be safe

Source: Fox News

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6 Responses to Private Investigator Says Baby Gabriel is Alive

  1. aletheamarinanova says:

    Eastwood, we have to continue to be humans and offer rights to all people, because one day, that right might be needed by an innocent person. Maybe you, maybe me. If we do not uphold the United States Constitution by protecting human rights, then the Constitution will cease to protect us.

  2. knight owl says:

    eastwood 34, i know how you feel. When i see Elizabeth not saying anything but i am taking the fifth on every question over and over again, i tend to want to have her water boarded. I mean we have a baby out there that if he is alive and has been given to a couple in the park, what kind of nuts may these people be and for what purpose may they have wanted this baby for. With the whackos out there today it could be anyone’s guess. I just hope baby Gabriel is found and i would really love it to be for once a happy ending. He is such a cutie. What a nitemare for him and his family that love this baby.

  3. knight owl says:

    Alethea, yes you would think Elizabeth would understand that kidnapping, abandonment, child endangerment etc. would be better than being charged with murder. I would love to know what her Lawyer is feeding her. If this baby is not found alive eventually i would think they just might add a murder charge to the list. I am afraid to get my hopes up he is alive as the article doesn’t confrim they have actual proof meeting with the couple in the park actually ended up with them taking Gabriel. Looks like if the couple did they would by now have seen who this baby really is and what is going on and would come forward with the baby. This couple if they do have him and they have to be tracked down by LE, fBI etc. then they stand to be in huge trouble too for continuing to keep a baby that is not legally theirs to keep. If this couple did take Gabriel i hope they are found and punished to the fullest extent of the Law as anyone knows better than to take a baby under these shady conditions. Gabriel has a Dad that is suffering not knowing where his little boy is and that is just not right. Elizabeth has a lot of lessons she is going to learn in her lifetime and they are not going to be kind ones to her for doing such a horrible act to this baby as well as to his Father. Gabriel deserves to know his Father and his Father deserves to have his child. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      You’re welcome Knight Owl.

      You are so right when it comes to the logic not adding up about a couple in a park. Why, if decent people, did they not come forward from the very beginning? Were they fed B.S. by Elizabeth and told Gabriel was in danger if his father got custody, and then once they learned this was untrue and the whole country is looking for the child, did they get scared? Maybe he is in Mexico and this is why they have not come forward. I still fear the worst, that he is dead or that she sold him to child abusers or some other kind of horrible people.

  4. knight owl says:

    Oh my gosh, i hope this news leads to actually finding a live baby Gabriel. I wish LE could charge Elizabeth with first degree murder as if they did that and this baby is alive she would sing like a bird as to his whereabouts. I still cannot understand her not talking to his whereabouts as it would help her case, that is if he is indeed alive.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Hi Knight Owl. I wonder if she thinks she can beat everything by pleading the fifth? It baffles me too that she hasn’t told who has him. Surely she understands that child endangerment, kidnapping, abandonment etc. are better than being charged with murder.

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