Haleigh Cummings Update: Cinder Blocks Pulled from River, Cops Say Haleigh is Dead

The Nancy Grace Show is reporting that two cinder blocks have been pulled from the Saint John’s River. Misty Croslin originally said that the back door of Ronald Cumming’s home was propped open with a cinder block the night Haleigh went missing.

In addition, according to the Grandmother of Misty Croslin and “Cousin Joe,” Misty told her that Joe took a cinder block type of  brick, tied it to a yellow rope, and then wrapped it around Haleigh’s neck. Allegedly, Haleigh was then thrown into the river. The grandmother stated that ‘Misty, Tommy and Joe committed terrible crimes.’ According to Misty, Joe also held a knife to her and threatened her with death if she told anyone. Chelsea Croslin, the sister-in-law of Misty Croslin, says she believes Joe is responsible but not Misty and Tommy.

The story from Misty and Tommy Croslin, is that “Cousin Joe” came to steal one of Ronald Cumming’s guns. When Joe discovered that the gun was missing, he allegedly freaked out and took Haleigh instead.


Now who believes this story? I find it pretty difficult to believe that a guy would steal a child and kill her in a river just because he couldn’t get his hands on the gun he had intended on stealing. In my mind, the only thing that might corroborate this scenario is that Ronald Cummings said that night to Misty, ‘You let my little girl get stole.’ Never mind the bad grammer, why would he use the word “stole?” Why not say taken or kidnapped? If Misty told Ronald the gun story, Ronald might have used the word “stole” in a sort of Freudian slip.

However, the story seems contrived doesn’t it? Did Misty kill Haleigh by accident and concoct this story to frame Joe so that she could make a plea deal on the drug charges? Is Tommy going along with it to also cut a deal? I don’t know, the gun story could be true but it doesn’t ring true. Maybe once more details come out it will make more sense.

As of this post, Cousin Joe is not considered a suspect in this case.

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12 Responses to Haleigh Cummings Update: Cinder Blocks Pulled from River, Cops Say Haleigh is Dead

  1. knight owl says:

    Hi Alethea, Had not heard Ronald was now planning a funeral. Interesting. What i meant was Ronald barely gets home from work and he is told this news by, what i would think would be a selfish and hysterical Misty if it were true what they are claiming, i would think Ronald would be in such shock at this point and would have such confusion, that yelling out to the 911 operator right off the bat if he found out who took his youngun before they did he was gonna kill him etc. that is just strange to me as i would think like i said he would have been in too much shock and upset to be thretening anyone at this point and putting it out there someone took Haleigh when he had supposedly no idea at this point what really was going on.

  2. knight owl says:

    Alethea, by the way that is the sweetest, cutest picture of Haleigh. Such a darling little girl. I think she looks so much like her Mother. God bless little Haleigh.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      She IS so sweet. She is in the arms of Jesus and the Holy Angels in Heaven, not in that river.

  3. knight owl says:

    Alethea, exactly why is Ronald handling the news of Haleigh being declared dead so well? I Say it is because it is news he already knew 14 months ago. I don’t knw the answer to why you say you still feel sorry for him, you have a huge heart i guess but i just do not and have not trusted or liked him from day one and my reasons list is almost as long as Santa’s.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Knight Owl,

      Nancy Grace just reported that Ronald Cummings is making funeral arrangements for Haleigh. If true, this is very telling.

  4. knight owl says:

    Hi Alethea, what i found very strange in the 911 call is Ronald has supposedly been told when he gets home from work by Misty that she woke up, the back door was open and Haleigh was missing, why does Ronald say, if i find out who took my yungun before you do i am gonna kill him, i don’t care if you put this on this tape, I don’t care, i’ll go to jail for the rest of my life etc. Why is he jumping to this conclusion so quickly since he just got home from work and heard the news? Is he trying to set up his alibi with the 911 operator?

    I agree with the panelist lady, i believe it was the profiler lady, on nancy grace. why was Misty not terrified when she woke up and the kitchen light was on and the back door was propped open? My common sense tells me because she already knew there had been no stranger in the trailer and she knew what happened to Haleigh and who did it. My common sense also tells me Ronald got the tatoo of Haleigh because he knew she was not alive anymore.

    Ronald’s answer for everything posed to him is ”I was at work” easy ablibi to use as that could be checked and verified by police but the bigger question i have is what time precisely did Haleigh actually disappear from that trailor? Haleigh could have met her fate early that day before Ronald ever went to work. It is very clear to me that Ronald is the one that coached Misty before making the 911 call as to what to say, and it is very clear to me that Misty has a hard time remembering what she was coached to say, that is why she has always looked to Ronald for the answers when asked questions on their media blitzes.

    Also Ronald and his Mother Teresa Neves were on NG and Teresa Neves was having a very difficult time controlling her emotional crying, i saw Ronald cutting his eyes toward her but not in a loving way, more in a way, stop being this emotional as were in the early game here of making them believe Haleigh is just missing and your crying like you know she is dead. I believe she did know Haleigh was dead at this point as i think Ronald had told her , as her emotional crying was exactly like that of a grandmother that knew her grandbaby was not ever coming home again. There is a difference in the way you cry when you are upset and worried sick thinking your grandbaby is missing verses the way you cry when you know they are for sure dead. When you know the person is dead it is that overwhelming emotional crying that you just cannot control or stop and that is what i saw in Mrs.Neves on more than one occassion. I think Ronald is so involved in all of this and i hope we find out the real truth soon.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Wow Kight Owl, great insight. Thanks for all that information and wisdom. I agree with you on everything except –what other conclusion could be drawn by Ronald if he comes home from work at 3:00 a.m. to find his daughter gone and back door propped open? I don’t think he would have been jumping to conclusions.

      Maybe I am misunderstanding you?

      Have a great day!

  5. sophie says:

    I think he’s ‘handling’ it well because he’s known full well that after a year, she’s not coming home. I think Misty killed her accidentally, then asked her brother for help. He showed up with their cousin, dressed in dark clothing in order to not be seen disposing of a body. Joe knew a good place to leave Haleigh, knowing that there are gators in that area who would destroy body evidence quickly. The three of them concocted the ‘missing’ story knowing that if Ronald ever found out what happened, he would likely kill them all. And THAT’S why up to this time, nobody talked. I believe it’s more a fear of Ronald than of even the law.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      This is a likely scenario Sophie. But if this is what happened, Misty has to know that her story won’t hold up long. She has to know that her brother and cousin will quickly point their fingers back at her.

  6. aletheamarinanova says:

    Another tidbit being reported on the show is that Ronald Cummings is handling the news about the search for Haleigh’s body “very well.” If her death is news to him, why would he be handling it so well?

    I hate judging people like this, but these are facts. Do we have a right to speculate about this case? I would say that because it has been made such a public case, we have a right to our opinion.

    Why do I still feel sorry for Ronald? I don’t know.

  7. aletheamarinanova says:

    Update: One of the panelists on the Nancy Grace program is making some good points. Why, if a stranger had come into the home and took Haleigh and if the door was propped open, would Misty not have been more terrified that night? I would be freaking out if I woke up and found the door was propped open and realizing that some manic murderer could have still been in the home or near it. She doesn’t freak out with fear, she doesn’t call Ronald or the police, she waits until Ronald gets home and then they both call 911.

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