Man Accused of Torture in Beating Death of Four Year-Old “For Wetting His Pants”

“Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes, 24, “systematically beat” Dominick Calhoun, 4, “pummeling [him] with fists and kicking him” on his arms, legs and genitalia, Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton told CNN.

Hayes also apparently burned the boy in the course of the torture. “The knuckles across one hand were charred,” Argentine Township police chief Dan Allen said.

“I’ve been doing this a long time, and this is the worst case of child abuse I’ve ever seen,” the police chief said. “In all respects, he was tortured.”

Prosecutors arraigned Hayes on Thursday on nine charges, including one count of first-degree premeditated murder, one count of first-degree child abuse and one count of torture, which by itself carries a possible life sentence.

Hayes’ motivation for his savage multiday attack on the boy was that the child “had wet his pants,” Leyton said. “It had happened before.”

Hayes also resented the child because his “biological father wouldn’t pay child support,” Leyton said.

Dominick’s mother, Corrine Baker, was present for at least some of the beating and tried to shield the boy from Hayes’ aggression, authorities said.

“She tried to lay on top of the child to guard the child against being beat any further, but she was beat in the process,” according to the police chief.

The sequence of events that led to the discovery of the abuse began when Baker’s sister and several acquaintances came to the apartment to buy drugs from Hayes, according to Allen. After seeing Dominick’s condition, the sister alerted the boy’s paternal grandfather, who in turn contacted authorities.

When emergency responders entered the apartment on the afternoon of April 11, Dominick was “barely alive.” EMS transferred him to Hurley Hospital in Flint, where he was pronounced brain dead.”

I wrote the County Prosecutor in this case and told him to consider filing charges of felony child abuse, or felony child endangerment against Dominick’s mother, Corrine Baker, if it is found that she knowingly placed her son in danger, and or, if she did not call authorities after the boy was tortured.

Many people find it difficult to place responsibility on a mother, who does not protect her child from being sexually or physically abused by her husband or boyfriend, but contrary to what we would like to believe, most women know about ongoing abuse taking place in the home, or they have a gut instinct and ignore it. People who accommodate child abusers with their silence give consent to the crime, and women who do this are guilty of treason. Most women who guard the abuser do so out of self-convenience and material needs, not because they are “victims too.” It is a chosen ignorance.

Too often, prosecutors do not implement the laws that are designed to hold a person criminally responsible for knowingly protecting a child abuser. If women clearly understood that they will be held criminally liable if they do not report abuse or incest going on in the home, then countless children will no longer suffer. One of the main reasons that child abuse continues, is the silence by those who knew about the abuse or suspected it.

In some states, it is considered a class three felony when a mother does nothing to stop the child abuse in her home. Some people might have a problem charging a woman with a class three felony for child endangerment when she did not abuse the child herself, but it is a felony to the mind, body, and soul of a child when their own mother continues to allow them to be assaulted in order to protect her husband, boyfriend, father, or son. Mothers who refuse to call authorities on the perpetrator are guilty of reckless indifference and complying with a crime.

The law in the state of New Mexico says that fear is no excuse for a woman to not protect her child. I hope that all states take on this wisdom.

Source: Police: Man tortured 4-year-old to death for wetting his pants –

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3 Responses to Man Accused of Torture in Beating Death of Four Year-Old “For Wetting His Pants”

  1. Hilde says:

    alethia, after reading your Post I checked more into that Case and I must say Dominick’s Mother definitely
    made poor Choices by putting her 2 Children in an unsafe Environment living with her Boyfriend Brandon Joshua-Frederick Hayes. It seems that Corrine Baker herself was a Victim of Violence in this Case. That however doesn’t change the Fact that she put her two Children, one 8 and Dominick 4 in Danger.
    She did try to save Dominick by laying on Top of him while Brandon, her Boyfriend was beating Dominick. Brandon than start beating on her and also burned her according to Police Report. She yelled for Help, Neighbors heard the Cries but didn’t want to get involved in a Domestic Dispute 😦
    I believe as a Mother she should have made sure to get her Kids away from such a Minster before it came to that and her Dominick was murdered in such a cruel Way. Her Children weren’t able to help them self’s it was her Job to keep them save.
    Also there was truck trafficking going on in this Apartment just another contributing Factor for an unsafe environment for Children.
    Corrine Baker will have to live with the untimely Death of her little Boy under such of horrific Circumstances the Rest of her Life, knowing that she didn’t do enough to keep her little Boy save.
    I don’t think Life in Prison for her is the Answer. I don’t know what is. She has another 8 Yr. old Boy who is in protective Custody at this time by Child Services. Corrine would like to get her Son back and get Justice for Dominick by having Hayes prosecuted and convicted.
    The only thing I can hope for that Dominick will get his Justice. RIP- little precious Angel!

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Hilde. Thanks so much for doing that extra research!

      Corrine Baker being a victim of violence is tragic, but these men rarely just suddenly become monsters overnight. She must have gone through physical, verbal, or emotional abuse by him long before this incident. As you mentioned, the drug dealing means this child was already placed in a dangerous situation.

      Yes, she lay on top of her boy to try and save him but she should never have put herself or her child in that postiion to begin with.

      The fact that neighbors heard her cries and did nothing is indicative of the human beings of this world –self-centered, selfish and ignorant.

      I know that Corrine Baker will have to live with the untimely death of her little boy, but this is the way these women have gotten out of these kind of cases for a very long time now. The prosecutor, friends, family members and society says, “she’s suffered enough from the loss of her child, why charge her now?”

      I also know that life in prison is not the answer for her, but in my mind, she ought to be charged with something and made to either serve time or receive some kind of punishment. If human beings are not going to evolve as a species and protect their children, then the courts have to intervene. I care about ONE THING –the safety and well being of children. Adults make choices. There is a point when a person becomes an adult and can no longer claim victimhood. If humans aren’t going to change, then they have to suffer the consequences so that children are safe and shown that they are WORTH something.

      Maybe her other child would be better off with relatives while the mother is made to comprehend the severity of her lack of protection.

      Peace to you Hilde and thanks again.

  2. Hilde says:

    alethia~~ I agree with You 100 %. The Mother is just as guilty as the Perpetrator in the tragic Death of her 4 yr. old little Boy!
    I am so sickened of hearing Stories like that over and over. What is being done to those innocent Children
    is outrageous!
    The Mothers who allow their Children to be abused, tortured and killed need to be held responsible!
    Who is protecting the Rights of innocent Children? I really would like to know!
    The Perpetrators and Killers are protected by our Constitution and they cry foul if their Rights are violated! I realize this Country of ours has one of the best Criminal Justice, at the same time the Laws
    to keep our Children save and make those pay which hurt or kill them are in desperate Need of being changed and made stricter.
    Just looking at this Monster’s Picture makes me sick!
    I hope to God this Monster and the Excuse of that little Boy’s Mother will pay for this heinous Crime
    and end up in Prison the Rest of their miserable Life!

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