ABC News: Teen Suing County Because She Was Placed in the Home Of Sex Offender Grandfather and Abused By Him For Ten Years

I am so proud of this girl. What strength and courage she must have! She has taken a tragedy and decided to do something about it –to make those responsible pay for it and to help stop other children from being placed with sex offenders. No doubt this will be healing for her.

“A Washington state teen is suing for millions of dollars in damages after she said a family court investigator “ruined her life” by knowingly sending her to live with her grandfather, a convicted sex offender who proceeded to abuse her nearly every day for a decade.

In court documents filed late last month, the unidentified teen claimed that she was just six years old when Cowlitz County Family Court Services investigator Mark Workingor took her from her mother and placed her in a home with her father and grandparents.

The teen said in the court documents that it happened in spite of her own father warning Workingor that his father, Vernil Jones, had been convicted of sodomizing a 10-year-old girl.”

17-year-old sues after being placed in grandfathers care who she  says has abused her for over a decade.

The attorney for the teenager says, “She went through 10 years of incest of every kind almost daily by her grandfather.” Jones is serving twenty-five years in prison for those acts.

Source: Teen Sues County After She Was Put in Custody of Sex Offender Grandfather – ABC News.

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