Father Guilty of Incest and Child Murder: Authorities Say Victim’s Mother Knew All Along and Did Nothing

As I suspected, police say Ashley’s mother knew her husband was raping his daughter, was jealous of her, and helped in the birth of the children –products of her husband’s rapes.


“Not long after a Cass County jury found Danial Rinehart guilty on all counts in his murder and incest case this afternoon, his daughter took the stand again.

What young woman said in so many words was that her father also was guilty of theft — of her childhood.

“I did not want to be my father’s sex slave,” Ashley Rinehart told the jury that then retired for the penalty phase of the Harrisonville trial. The 20-year-old woman said the abuse had begun 15 years earlier. From that relationship came four babies, only one of whom lives today.

Ashley also was tearful as she talked of how she missed out on so much and how she still lives in fear. “I’m still very sad that I don’t have a mother and father who care about me.”

Linda Rinehart, Danial’s wife, is scheduled for trial in August on two counts of child endangerment. Authorities say she was aware of the incest, was even jealous of her daughter, but helped in the delivery of the babies in the crowded overhead camper and truck in which the family lived.

The prosecution’s final witness, Teresa Carmichael, Cass County Sheriff’s Department detective, testified that a search of Rinehart’s jail cell eight months after his arrest turned up a letter he had written to his daughter.

“To my feonsay, I love you a hole bunch,” it began. In it, he made a reference to her having his baby.

During closing arguments, Janeal Matheson, Rinehart’s attorney, challenged all the charges against her client.

Speaking up unofficially for the defendant, his uncle and aunt came to the courtroom from their home in Gallatin, Mo. “I look around the court room and I don’t see anybody on his side,” said James Gallup. “I love the guy and he ain’t all that bad.”

And there you have it. Just what I was referring to in my last post about Haleigh Cummings. This monster’s aunt and uncle stood there defending a child rapist, a child torturer, a man who ripped his victim’s life apart. He “ain’t all that bad???” and what have they done in their lives to consider child rape not all that bad??? Family members who deny the victim’s pain and experience, and who defend perpetrators stick a knife in the heart of the victim.

via Rinehart guilty of incest and murder, jury calls for maximums – KansasCity.com.

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3 Responses to Father Guilty of Incest and Child Murder: Authorities Say Victim’s Mother Knew All Along and Did Nothing

  1. Diana says:

    That Mother needs to get the same sentence as the monster who raped his daughter. She is just as guilty and just as sick.

    • aletheamarinanova says:

      Hi Diana. I wrote to the prosecutor in this case and asked her to charge the mother with rape, manslaughter and any other charge she can. Right now I think they plan to only charge her with child endangerment but I am like you –I feel that she is just as guilty.

  2. Diana says:

    That makes me sick!!

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