Father On Trial For Rape of Daughter and For Murder Involving The Children He Fathered With Her

“Testimony is set to resume on Tuesday for a man accused of rape, incest and murder in Cass County. Danial Rinehart is charged with second-degree murder, statutory rape, child endangerment, incest and abandonment of a corpse. The incest lasted six years until a younger daughter told police.

His daughter Ashley Rinehart, now 20, testified on Monday that her father started molesting her when she was five years old. For two hours, Ashley Rinehart described how she had four children, the first when she was just 14-years-old. On the stand she described, step by step, how her parents helped deliver her four children and how they got rid of the bodies of the three babies who did not survive.

The proceedings were stopped several times so Ashley Rinehart could compose herself. She testified how the first baby fathered by her dad was born in March of 2004 and died three months later. She told the court how the baby was wrapped in a blanket, put in a box and buried in Oklahoma.”…

“…The remains of the third and fourth child, believed to have been stillborn, were wrapped in blankets and placed in coolers sealed with silicon. In January 2009, the new owner of the property found the two babies’ remains in a trailer behind the house.”

Link includes video of victim, now twenty, falling apart on the stand. You can see how emotionally devastating this is to her. I saw little emotion in the rapist father’s face.

Source: Trial Continues in Incest, Murder Case – WDAF.

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  1. C~A says:

    EVIL DOES SIT AT THE DINNER TABLE…my heart goes out to the young lady so deeply traumatized and who’s life and innocence was MURDERED..the babies..OMG..KILL HIM..AND ANYONE WHO HELPED HIM…I AM SICKENED BY THIS EVIL..OMG

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