Tommy Croslin “Confession” Update

May 16, 2010: Nancy Grace Blog:

“The missing 5-year-old, vanished from her trailer in February 2009. According to Werter, Tommy Croslin says he and his cousin, Joe Overstreet, visited the home where Haleigh Cummings lived with her father Ronald Cummins and his then girlfriend, Misty Croslin, the night Haleigh Cummings went missing. Werter says Overstreet wanted to borrow an automatic rifle at the home to go deer hunting and that Overstreet became irate when he learned the gun was not there. “Things happened from there,” Werter said, explaining Croslin, Jr. went into the trailer bedroom to find Overstreet in a rage and Haleigh Cummings no longer alive.”

To me, this story is bogus. It makes little sense that a guy would get so irate over a gun not being available for deer hunting that he would go into a bedroom and murder a small child. NO SENSE at all. Is Tommy trying to avoid the words that no one really wants to talk about?….. “Child molestation and rape?”

What does a child molester do before he assaults his victim? He covets. If the accounts of that night are correct, Joe Overstreet and Tommy Croslin were at the home of Haleigh Cummings that night, visiting Misty Croslin. If Joe Overstreet was sexually stimulated by the presence of Haleigh, then he might have come back later to molest or rape her, or he might have done it right there that night with Misty awake. Remember, there is a story of Misty being threatened with death and hiding under the covers  while hearing Haleigh cry from the other room.

The most plausible scenario is that Haleigh was molested, and or, raped by Joe (or even Tommy and Joe) and that Haleigh was then murdered. People don’t just murder a child because they are angry about a missing gun. If anyone would have been murdered because of the missing gun, it would have been Misty, not Haleigh.

Haleigh Cummings

Sources: CNN/Nancy Grace Blog

Tommy Croslin: I Know How Haleigh Died – Crime Tracker News Story – WESH Orlando.

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2 Responses to Tommy Croslin “Confession” Update

  1. Darrell Williams says:

    There are a lot of sick minded and disgusting people in this world but I can think of none worse than a child molester or murder. It just makes me want to puke. It makes me look hard at everyone because you never know who is. But I never heard the end of the cummins case. Did they ever find out what actually happened to the poor little girl ? The rest of them need to burn in hell if there is one.

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