Misty Croslin Pointing Finger At Haleigh’s Father

Nancy Grace is reporting that Misty Croslin is telling authorities to take a closer look at Ronald Cumming’s role in the disappearance and probable death of his daughter Haleigh.


“Misty Croslin (speaking to her father): When I called him that night, how come he didn’t answer the phone? I called and called and he didn’t answer the phone. And then as soon as I open the door he’s there. And he talks like, he says he was a drug dealer and all this stuff back in the day. He talks about all this sh*t. Then why did that black guy say that some people had her and he was going to go back and get her. But if he told, if Ronald told, then he would come to kill him. There’s all this sh*t that they don’t even look at. They just wanna look at me.”

Well maybe that’s because investigators say that Misty and her brother Tommy have been implicating their cousin Joe Overstreet as Haleigh’s killer. In addition, Misty’s grandmother claims that Misty told her she was home when Joe allegedly murdered Haleigh and that Misty hid under the covers while listening to the child cry for help.

To read full article: Haleigh: Babysitter Misty Croslin is still pointing fingers – Nancy Grace – CNN.com Blogs.

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4 Responses to Misty Croslin Pointing Finger At Haleigh’s Father

  1. John W Sharp says:

    I think I believe Misty Croslin is telling the truth. I believe that when she said she was asleep, she was really was asleep and did not see or hear what happened to Haleigh.

    I feel that Nancy Grace has discriminated against Misty because she is poor. because she is uneducated. Because she is young and because she lives in a trailer in backwoods Florida.

    Nancy Grace has essentially said in her heart: “she is poor white trash.”

    If Misty is telling the truth about being asleep, Nancy Grace has caused a lot of pain. She may have turned an entire nation against a teenager.

  2. Andrea says:

    I dont’t think he had anthing to do with her death, but he does know by now the &!@*$ he hooked with and her $#*%#^&$ !$#%$# did. That is why he married her and that is why he is as bad as they are IMO

  3. Nina says:

    So maybe Ronald’s emotional outburst when that 911 call was made,was his GUILT?To many finger’s being pointed,but I do believe they all know what happened to Hayleigh.She wad carried out of that trailor when she was harmed and her body was disposed before that 911 call was ever made..IMO.

  4. Carol in VA says:

    Happy June 1. Now because Ron is going to testify against Misty and Bro, she feels so betrayed that maybe now the truth will come out. I have felt all along that he hurt Hayleigh and it unfolded into this mess.

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